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Rest of Season Roster Advice


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Know you have your own thread but feel free to chime in if you want.

7-2, Full PPR.


8/10 make playoffs so I am 100% guaranteed a spot mathematically.


Roster with week 10 starters in bold. Based on current injury status of players.


QB: Hurts

RB: Zeke, Pollard, Carson, Sanders, Moss, Singletary, Mattison, Ingram

WR: Hopkins, K Allen, Aiyuk, AJ Brown,

TE: Andrews

K: Koo

DST: Bills




Gallup, Fields, Lance, Eno all there


Option 1


Do nothing.  Let it play out with Cook, Kamara, Sanders, Carson before making any moves


Option 2: Get an RB2


A. Moss/Singletary/Hopkins for Amari Cooper and Montgomery


B. Moss/Singletary/Hopkins for Mixon and Mike Williams


C. Hopkins/Moss/Singletary for Woods/Drake


Option 3


Mattison for Bateman


Option 4


Include Andrews in a deal and grab Higbee as TE1 off waivers.


ie. hopkins/andrews for carter, mike williams

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Agreed, A and B are great for you and I'm torn which to take. I think I might like B more as Mixon is a huge upgrade at RB, while Williams is even out slight downgrade at WR.   Whereas, Monty is a decent upgrade at RB while Cooper is a decent upgrade at WR. 

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