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2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

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36 minutes ago, McLucksack said:

Tha Blackbeards be feelin’ sarry far a couple a B’ys on crutches. Let ‘em feel tha joy of victory rum upon aarrr deck. Thar be a first mate what may be of some use, tharrfore we invite 


1 D’aaandre Swift

2 Daarrren Wallaarrr


3 Patrick Maaaaahomes

ta join aarrr paarrrty.


That tharrrrrrrrrr be a successful pillage!  Ye swift-boated th' Scallywags! 


That concludes the pillage.  Every who picked up playARRRRRRs make sure you make room for them so I can move them onto your roster.  You'll need to drop and/or move players to IR to do so ASAP so please get on it!



EVERYONE has a game this week one way or another. We have a free agent run tomorrow as usual so please make your drops and IR moves tonight or early tomorrow so I can adjust rosters before the run. 


Good luck to all in the post-season. 


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