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Davante Adams says he won’t play for franchise tag, he and Packers are far apart


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I think he's just forcing management's hand to get a deal done. Rodgers is back and if the Packers want a shot to go deep in the playoffs they'll have to get a deal done with Adams. So, Adams will squeeze them for all he can get and after seeing the deal Christian Kirk got with the Jags surely Adams's deal should undoubtedly make him the highest paid WR jn the league and deservedly so. He's been consistent  with Rodgers as his QB and he may not put up the best of his career this year but he deserves a big payday. Young bucks like Chase and Jefferson should hope Adams gets a mega deal because that would benefit them in the long run when it comes time for them to get new deals. That being contigent on if THEY continue to put up big numbers. Really all receivers across the league should hope Adams gets a.good draw as it would set the market for the young up and coming WRs. My only gripe with Adams getting a big contract is if teams are gonna continue to pay these guys astronomical contracts is it.gonna come to the point of bankrupting organizations and possibly affect the NFL as a whole and being able to even have an NFL. Don't get me wrong, yes these.guys need.to get paid but when is enough gonna be enough with all these.huge contracts?

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I doubt NFL teams or the league would allow contracts that will bankrupt teams or put the league out of business. The reality is lots of the money isn't ever paid out, its year on the back end that can be voided without less impact on the salary cap. Combined with the new TV contracts and other revenue streams that are generating tons of revenue for NFL teams. 


I remember when Shaq signed a 10 year $100M deal with the Lakers and people thought that would destroy the NBA. I wonder how many players make less than $10M/year these days. Looking at my Cavs, 4 players over $10M, another 5 between $5-10M, that's the bulk of the players who see regular action. A quick online search says the average was $7.9M last year and now $8.5M 

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