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2022 RFA primer and commentary thread


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6 Restricted Free Agency

Once a player's contract expires, he becomes a Restricted Free Agent. RFA bidding begins {date} and closes on {date}. No new bids will be accepted after {date}; "bids in process" may continue beyond {date} until a final offer is reached for a player. After the RFA signing period, any players that did not receive bids will remain on the current team's roster at no cost.

6.1 Bidding Process
All RFA bids are made in the league forum and each bid thread title must include the player's name and current owner (example: RFA17 - Tim Brown, WR HB Longhorns, where 17 = current year) and the amount bid should be in the post. Owners may not raise their own high bids or bid on their own players. Once a bid is posted on a player, other interested owners may increase the bid. Owners may drop out of the bidding process for any individual player at any time unless they have the high bid. They may re-enter the process as long as bidding remains active for the player in question.

6.2 Bid Closing / Matching
Bidding will CLOSE on any player who doesn’t receive a bid for 24 consecutive hours. Once the auction is “CLOSED” on a player, the current owner will have 24 hours to match the highest bid and retain that player. If the bid is matched or 24 hours passes without a match then the auction will be marked “FINAL” for that player. The timer will NOT be turned off during weekends. The timer is turned off on Easter. Any bids made the Saturday prior to Easter will not close until the Monday following Easter. Any bids made on Easter will not close until the following Monday at midnight EST."

6.3 Overbidding
Owners who place bids must have enough AFL-Devy Bucks available to cover all outstanding high bids. If an owner overbids their budget at any time, that bid will be removed from the board. The highest bidder at the time of the overbid will be asked by the Commish/Roster Commish if they would like to maintain their previous bid. The overbidding owner can no longer bid for said player. (This exclusion will remain even if overbidding owner makes a trade for more AFL-Devy Bucks). All other bids placed by the offending owner will remain in effect. Anyone overbidding their AFL-Devy Buck balance will incur the following penalty(ies):

1st offense - $3 AFL-Devy Bucks fine. Bid is null and void.
2nd offense - $6 fine-Devy Bucks fine. Bid is null and void.
3rd offense - Owner is locked from remainder of bidding process in current RFA period (except matching). 


Bidding begins on Monday April 4 and no new bids are allowed beyond April 25.


Rules are summarized above. Bid convention this year should be as follows:

RFA22 - [Full Player Name] [NFL Team] [Position] (Current RFA rights holder)

Example: RFA21 - Deion Sanders ATL CB (Footlongs)


Please avoid spotlighting players, bid or unbid. There's no official rules in the rulebook against it but it's bad form in my opinion.


You can see your bidding balance in the link below. I will do my best to update the cash as bids are won or matches are confirmed but each owner is responsible for their own balance regardless of the state of update on MFL.


2022 AFL Devy Accounting


Finally, to confirm for both new and old owners, RFA rights can be traded at any time in this league; before bidding, during bidding and after bidding is closed but before the match timer expires.

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19 minutes ago, flemingd said:

How the (the really bad word) does nobody bid on Russell Wilson?


:lol:   wow... I gave thought to throwing some cash at him but with Tua and Fields it just didn't make much sense.


Sometimes you just get a bargain in 12-teamers.

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