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RFA begins on May 1st and extends through May 14th 11:59 PM ET

Henry Muto

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6 Restricted Free Agency
Once a player's contract expires, he becomes a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). RFA bidding begins May 1st and closes at the end of the day at 11:59 PM ET on May 14th. No new auctions will be accepted after May 14th. Auction threads that are already in in-progress may continue beyond May 14th until a final offer is reached for a player. After the RFA signing period, any players that did not receive bids will remain on the current team's roster at no cost.

6.1 Bidding Process

All RFA bids are made in the league forum and each bid must include the player's name and the amount bid at a minimum. It is also suggested that you include the current owning team as well.  The suggested proper forum post thread subject title example is the following: "RFA bid - Randy Moss MIN WR - Current owner" or "RFA bid:Moss, Randy MIN WR - Current Owner".   Owners may not raise their own high bids or bid on their own players. If an owner raises their own bid or bids on their own player that bid is cancelled and the previous bid stands.  Once a bid is posted on a player, other interested owners may increase the bid. Owners may drop out of the bidding process for any individual player at any time unless they have the high bid. They may re-enter the process as long as bidding remains active for the player in question.

It is every owner's responsibility to check in daily to see if any of their players have been bid on or is in the awaiting for match phase regardless if the original post contains all the required info.  There are no do overs for a bid not having everything exactly correct in the original post.


YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EDIT ANY BID ONCE YOU HAVE MADE IT.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RAISE YOUR OWN BIDS.  If you edit or raise your own bid the bid will be returned to the original bid which you will still be in play for but you will no longer to be able to bid on this RFA again if anyone else raises the bid.

6.2 Bid Closing / Matching

Once a player has been initially bid on, after 24 hours of inactivity the player will be marked “Team has until xx time to match”. The current owner will then have 24 hours to match the highest bid placed and retain the player. If the bid is matched or 24 hours has passed without a match then the auction will be marked “Matched or Won”.


Example if the last bid was at 3:17 PM ET the bid closes at 3:17 PM ET the next day (any bids made exactly 24 hours later do not count).  You then have 24 hours to match your bid so once 3:18 PM ET the next day happen the bid has been won by the high bidder.

(Weekends ARE included in the bidding process) and the player will be rewarded to either the highest RFA bidder or remain on the matching team. The RMC will administer these activities including updating each team's BB balance.


If a thread on a player is closed early by mistake and you want to bid on the player you need to open a new thread to bid on the player noting that it was closed early. In this case the bid must be placed within 24 hours of the closed player last bid time stamp

6.3 Overbidding
Owners who place bids must have enough BB's available to cover all outstanding high bids. If an owner overbids their budget at any time, that bid will be removed from the board. The time stamp on the bid remains the previous bid for raising the bid purposes.  The overbidding owner can no longer bid for said player. (This exclusion will remain even if overbidding owner makes a trade for more BB's.) All other bids placed by the offending owner will remain in effect. Anyone overbidding their BB balance will be penalized 3 BB's or receive 3 BB less in BB's per infraction when BB's are given out under rule 3.1.  If multiple infractions are made all bids that were made while over their budget before the $3 BB penalty will be removed.  If they have current bids on the board that leave them without proper funds should a team not match a player then they will go into negative balance for legal bids before going over budget caused by the $3 BB penalty.

6.4 Trading During RFA Period
If the rights to a player currently on the board is traded, the current high bidder will have 24 hours to increase his/her bid one time, even if bidding is "CLOSED." If the bidding is "CLOSED", then only the current high bidder may bid. If bidding has not "CLOSED" for the traded player, then anyone may bid as before.  The commish will post that a trade of a RFA has occurred and post the new time stamp for how long the high bidder has to raise their bid.

In addition, if an owner receives BB's as a part of a trade because the owner did not have enough BB's to match all their current player bids, the current high bidder will have 24 hours to increase his/her bid one time, even if bidding is "CLOSED."  If the bid is raised or if closed and the high bidder announces that it will not be raised the owner will have the remaining left time left to match the bid adding the dead time between the trade time and the announced time it won't be raised.  The commish will post that a trade of a RFA has occurred and post the new time stamp for how long the high bidder has to raise their bid.

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