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NFL schedule rumors

Big John

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51 minutes ago, Big John said:

Packers: https://www.wisn.com/article/green-bay-packers-2022-schedule/39980538


Most noted is instead of the bye following the London game, it will be week 14, again putting a crimp in fantasy schedules.


I have a feeling that will become the norm. Not sure what changed with the schedule making, but feel like they've decided that trying to prevent bye weeks early/late in the season just isn't worth it. 


Week 14 would be the end of regular season for many leagues with playoffs in weeks 15-17, and nothing during the final week 18. 


Here's a page with tons of leaks and rumors about schedules. 



Some Browns highlights (if true)

host Saints on Christmas Eve

play Panthers in week 1 opener (could be interesting if Mayfield ends up there) - rarely win the opener since 99

host Bengals on Halloween (MNF)


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FFPC playoffs are weeks 13 and 14 for both mid stakes and main event

RTS playoffs are week 14


2nd year in a row Indy byes week 14 meaning no Taylor

CMC for the 3rd year in a row byes during FFPC playoffs (though the last 2 years he has not been able to play anyway)


6 teams on a bye week 14 really crushing anyone who owns those players in the FFPC and RTS.


For a long time the bye weeks never affected high stakes fantasy football they stayed between 4-11 then they started to affect a little in FFPC with some week 12 byes.


The last 3-4 years have been a disaster with them expanding to week 13 then to week 14 (once going to 18 games)


They used to start byes in week 4 now don't till week 6.


Nothing we can do about it well we can not play I guess or not draft those players but that sure didn't work out well for me last year as I faded Taylor in all my drafts except NFFC where they play weeks 1-14 regular season.

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On 5/14/2022 at 7:06 AM, League_Champion said:


Those are some pretty odd things for sure. Curious if have you ever tried to create an NFL schedule? I know people that have, and it is very difficult and likely to have far more "flaws" than the actual one approved by the NFL. The list of requirements is massive, from stadium availability to "good games" for every broadcast partner. Even ignoring many of those requirements can make for a very difficult task. (And why the NFL uses computer algorithms to generate a pile of schedules they sift thru to find the one that fits their needs the best.)


The Browns have 5 home games in the first 8, then just 3 home games in their final 9 games, certainly not ideal and something I would have really not liked as a season ticket holder. At least their bye is right in the middle and they don't wait 2 months for a division game.

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