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Well I have a couple of toughies this week... at least tough for me. :D


I need 1 QB from

Carr vs Colts

Pennington vs Steelers

Rothlisberger vs Jets


and I need 2 RBs from

Thomas Jones at Jaguars

Deuce McAllister at Cowboys 

Onterrio Smith vs Seahawks

Chester Taylor  vs Giants 









Carr. The other 2 matchups are too difficult.


Chester Taylor and Onterrio Smith.


Edit: :D

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Hi Hugh. Hope I'm not too late. I have a tough decision to make this week on who to start at RB. I need two out of these 3.


12 man standard performance scoring.


S. Alexander vs Vikes

W. McGahee vs Browns

J. Jones vs Saints


I love the match ups McGahee and Jones have going against two of the worst run def. in the league and both being at home. Alexander has a decent match up as well. I'm just concerned they'll get behind and abandon the run. I know you should never sit your studs. Would I be crazy to sit Alexander? What 2 would you start? This is the first week of the playoffs and a must win.


Thanks Hugh.

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Thanks for all the tips Hugh. I really enjoy reading them week-to-week. This week I have a quandary and i am looking for some advice.


I know i am starting Mason, and Walker This week but am having trouble settling on a 3rd WR. My choices are:


S Moss VS Pitt I don’t trust him with Pennington at the helm

R Smith VS Mia

D Gabriel VS Atlants

E Kennison VS Tenn


I am leaning towards Kennison but my only issue is that i have T Green and Mason going on Monday night as it is. My thinking is that it will be a shootout. Who would you start as the third WR?


Thanks in advance

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Alright, I know... alot of crap to choose from here... but I have one WR/RB slot and one WR/TE slot to fill.  First week of the playoffs!  Yippee!


I'm thinking the WR/RB slot should be filled by a RB, notably Dunn.


I'm thinking the WR/TE slot should go to Boldin, as SF's D STINKS. But Evans has been hot. And never know what Burleson can do, and we get points for the kick-return game.


Hicks is now starting, but does that warrant starting him over Dunn? How about Croom? SF stinks! Does that mean I start him over Dunn?  Aahhh!!! :D


I'm probably over-coaching. Should stick with Dunn at Flex-1 and choose between Boldin and Evans at the second flex. I could, however, choose BOTH Boldin and Evans and bench Dunn...


Thanks Hugh.  Always appreciated.







Problem with Dunn is the RBBC, and the fact that Vick rushes a lot as well. Hicks in a RBBC or Croom getting his first start are probably not better options than Dunn. Don't over think this. If one of them was playing the Saints, we could talk about it, but even then......


OK, now I read the second part of your question. Bench Dunn, start Boldin and Evans. Boldin was quite active last week. This week against San Fran (they've given up 22 passing TD's) Boldin should do very well.


Evans was hot last week as well. That shouldn't stop this week against a banged up and beatable Cleveland defense.

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What the heck am I going to do with Holmes in a 3 player keeper league?

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HUGH ONE... I need some help. 


It's the first game of the playoffs and I am a big underdog. 


Wiggins vs SEA or Heap vs the Giants? 

Wiggins gets about 60 yards, but with Moss back he seems unlikely to score again.  Heap's load should increase , but is he healthy?


DEF question:


I have ATL and SEA.  I was thinking of dumping SEA possibly for CAR and go with them against the Rams at home.  ATL vs Oak or CAR vs StL?


Last one:  I have been starting CJ and Lelie, with Burress out again and Lelie going against MIA... should I pick up any one of the following to start over Lelie:


Bryant, Boldin, or Stallworth?


Sorry for all the questions, like I said I am a huge underdog.









Wiggins. No brainer. Heap isn't healthy. Wiggins has a good matchup at home.


Carolina has been playing well, and might be able to force Chandler into a few errors. That might not be a bad idea. Forget Seattle, they'll get torched by the Vikes, and after the poor showing last week by Atlanta I might consider Carolina over them.


I would start Anquan Boldin over Asslie Lelie. I would also start Antonia Bryant over Lelie, but I'd start Boldin over Bryant. Boldin is your man. Good matchup, McCown starting, busy last week. All good signs.

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Hey Hugh! Where did the penguin go? 


This league I've been in for 11 years now is weird I know. No playoff system,

although I've been lobbying for one with no success. Straight 17 week

schedule and 1st through 3rd take the $. Although I'm in 2 other leagues,

I have never won my "original" league. This is my year. I'm 11-2 with the

closest guy 9-4(I only played him once and I beat him). I'm done with'

him as he was my week 9 matchup.


TD only league with the following scoring system:


0-9 yds.= 6 points

10-39= 9

40+ = 12


RBs get double points for recieving TDs

QBs and WRs get double points for rushing TDs


We play IDP and I sp. teams players(a poke and a  hope for a TD)


Kickers get a whopping 10 pts(we call them dimes) for 50+ yarders


Enough with the setup and on to my question:


I'm definately starting the new Mr. Studly J. Jones(we only start 2 RBs)


My #1 draft choice was A. Green and I have D. Davis


These 2 were my main duo until I scooped up Jones 2 weeks in advance of

his return thanks to the Huddle.


Do I bench A. Green or D. Davis this week? Both have good matchups but

Green's ribs still have me a little worried.


Thanks for reading this long question and keep up the great advice! You

haven't failed me yet when I've asked.







The Penguin logo will be back shortly. We were supporting a huddler in the tailgate with pictures of the obviously gay Rudi Galindo, so I joined in. :D


Tough call on the WDIS between Green and Davis.


I think they are both very good options. I'd give the nod to Davis. Since being healthy he's been very productive. In Green Bay you might see A LOT of Favre, and I think Green isn't 100% healthy. Start Davis and good luck.

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Hey Hugh.  Playoffs are finally here.  Do or die time.  I have a RB slot and a WR slot to fill. 


I am starting DD and I need to one of the following: 


Goings vs StL

Jackson vs Car

O Smith vs Sea

Brown vs KC

  I love the matchup with Brown this week but can he be counted on?


I am starting Walker and Horn.  I need one of these five.  Should I give R Moss the nod at Sea or go with:


Burleson vs Sea 

Lelie vs Mia

Branch vs Cin

Bryant vs Buf


Good luck this week and thanks for the help.







All good options. Brown is a risk with the injury. Since you have other very good options, don't take the risk. Smith might lose some goalline carries to Williams, so I'd bench him as well. Jackson has a banged up knee, so I'd bench him too. Nick Goings has been stud like in his tenure as the starting RB, and when the matchups are favorable, as they are this week, he is a must start.



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6 pt TD, 1pt/25 yds, -1 int


Last week to make waiver wire pick ups before the playoffs. Who is going to be my playoff QB?


Currently have:

Brady (Cin, at Mia, at NYJ, SF)

Griese (at SD, NO, Car, at Ari)

McNair - injured, can grab Volek from waivers (KC, at Oak, Den, Det)


Collins and Bledsoe are also available on waivers.


Who do you think has the best chance of big games down the stretch? Thanks for your help, HUGH!

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Hugh the Guru!

This week I'm thinking of starting JJ along with Chester Taylor and sit SJax and DD. SJax is nicked up, but DD is the one I'm debating on since he's playing Indy. Should I start DD over C.Taylor then just based on matchup? But Taylor had a nice week last week and is facing a NYG team that's sinking. Also, I'm sitting Ward and Keyshawn in favor of Boldin vs. SF, is that a bad idea? I obviously am starting Horn and DJax. Thanks for all your expert opinions  :D



Bulger, Marc STL QB

Rattay, Tim SFO QB

Davis, Domanick

Green, William CLE

Jackson, Steven STL

Jones, Julius DAL 

Taylor, Chester BAL

Boldin, Anquan ARI WR

Horn, Joe NOS WR

Jackson, Darrell SEA

Johnson, Keyshawn DAL

Ward, Hines PIT

Clark, Dallas IND TE

Gates, Antonio SDC

Longwell, Ryan GBP

Cardinals, Arizona ARI

Lewis, Jamal BAL







As far as the WR's go, you are making the right decision with Boldin. Ward without Burress is not a great option, especially against a tough Jets defense. Keyshawn could have a decent outing against the Saints, but Boldin is a better option.


At RB you're making a mistake. Don't bench Davis. Bench Taylor. Forget Jackson, because he's banged up, but Davis has been great since being healthy, and has a nice matchup.

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If it's not too late:


1 QB: Collins vs. ATL or Brooks vs. Dallas


2 RB: Droughns vs. MIA, Pittman vs. SD and Green vs. DET


3 WR: Boldin vs. SF, Mason vs. KC, Porter vs. ATL and Clayton vs. SD

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Hugh -


Thanks for the opportunity to have a question answered. This is a must-win week for me to get in my league play-offs. Here is my dilemma:


Carr V Colts


Mcnair/Volek V Chiefs (whomever starts)




Pittman @ Chargers


Blaylock @ Titans









McNair should play, but either way I'd start the Tennessee QB on MNF against the Chiefs.


Neither RB is a great option. Pittman may give some touches to ALstott, and Blaylock may give some to Johnson. That being said, have yourself a fun Monday Night and start Blaylock as well.

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Cool enjoy your lunch, think about my problem, please. I wasn't kidding.

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Could use some advice...


In a 12-team performance scoring league - 1 pt per 10 yards rushing, 6 pts for each TD, 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 20 yards receiving.


Need to pick 2 RBs...

C.Portis vs. PHI

F.Taylor vs. CHI

O.Smith vs. SEA

K.Jones vs. GB


and 1 WR (to start alongside Joe Horn and D.Mason)...

J.Porter vs. ATL

D.Branch vs. CIN

Roy Williams vs. GB


I am in 2nd place in our total points league and am looking to overtake the defending champ this week with the right selections.







Fred Taylor and Onterrio Smith. Portis has a tough matchup, and I'm afraid Detroit might get blown out by GB forcing them to abandon the run, leaving Jones with little action.


Even though he hasn't scored since coming back from his injury, Williams is your best bet here. He was active last week, and the week before dropped a TD and almost had a second.

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Good idea with the thread locking, should make it easier for us who like to hear your advice. 


I have:

Portis v PHIL Sunday Night National game

Julicious Jones v NO

Onterio Smith v SEA


I know Minn has been RBBCx4 but that has started to fall off and Smith seems to be left standing.  McGahee and Jones have both torched SEA run D now and the game is in MINN.  Portis has not be great this year, had 7 carries v Pitt 2 weeks ago and yes went off on NYG last week but I see PHI as more a Pitt game than a NYG game.  With the game on national at night PHI esp Mcnabb/Owens will be pumped possibly ending the running game of WASH earlier in the 2nd.  Jones is in as a lock against da Aints. 


Whew. sorry heres the question.  Should I start Portis with Jones and take the chance Portis folds the 1st round of my playoffs or should I take Smith against a terrible SEA D and assume Minn will be up early and run the 2nd half out.  Hey if Vinny lit up the hawks why wouldn't Daunte?


Also, who would you start with Djax?  Clayton v SD; RoyW v GB or Branch v Cin?







I'd start Onterrio at home. The Vikes are 5-1 at home and should play well against Seattle. Think Julius Jones. Moe may steel a carry or two, but that's about it. He's a better option than Portis against Philly, that's for sure.


Clayton. Good, consistent, primary target, decent matchup. Roy rides pine behind Clayton this week, and I don't like NE WR's, too many options.

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2 RBs , standard scoring. Thanks for the help Hugh.


C. Brown vs KC ( I have A. Smith just in case )

Droughns vs. Miami

McGahee vs. Cleveland

Julius Jones vs . N.O.

O. Smith vs .Seattle


They are all playing at home , I am leaning towards Julius and C. Brown ( assuming he is going to play ) .



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Thanks HughOne for your advise.


Need help on starting QB.

Collins @ Falcons


Griese @ Chargers

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Many Thanks Hugh,


You are a saint. I need RB, WR, QB, and DEF starting advice.


Here's what I've got: Performance league with bonuses for big plays and big days. We start QB, RB, RB/FLEX, WR, WR, TE, Special Teams, DEF, Kicker


QB (I need 1)


Leftwich vs CHI - (planned starter)

Brady vs CIN


RB I need 1 plus a flex, usally I start 2 RB's- -


Tomlinson vs TB (obvious start)

Chris Brown vs KC (Planned starter, I have A. Smith also if he can't go

Thomas Jones vs JAC

Maurice Hicks vs ARI (very tempting with Barlow out)


WR (I need 2)


Randy Moss (Planned starter)

Brandon Stokely (Planned Starter)

Rod Smith (may start Rob over Randy Moss, help here please)

Santana Moss

Plaxico Buress




Denver vs MIA

Chicago vs JAC


The rest of my team is set with Antonio Gates, Vinateri, and 49ers ST.


Thanks a million.



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Hi Hugh. I lost both regular season games :moon: to the guy I'm playing in the first round of our playoffs, so my revenge factor is high! B):D I know the final decision is mine, :bigshock: but thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have. :D:yay::moon:


1 pt/10 yds rush/rec, 1 pt/20 yds pass, all TDs 6 pts, -3 Fum/Int, 3 pt bonus 100/200 rush, 200 rec, 300 pass


My projected Starters:

Trent Green @ TEN

Edgerrin James @ HOU

Dom. Davis INDY

Andre Johnson INDY

Brandon Stokely @ HOU

Tony Gonzales @ TEN

Josh Brown @ MIN

Jets Defense @ PIT


My Bench:  (...and why I think they should be here this week)

Brian Griese @ SD (...tough SD D, Green is hot)

Michael Pittman @ SD (...tough SD D)

Reuben Droughns MIA (...hand injury, T. Bell/Shanahan "5 to 10 carries" factor)

Roy Williams @ GB (...good match-up, but too inconsistent/Harrington)

Larry Fitzgerald SF (...not really a factor)

Jermaine Wiggins SEA (...Gonzo has better match-up with banged up TEN D)


My question(s):

I'm a little nervous with both of my RBs and WRs in one game. Is that too big of a gamble or do you think Reuben Droughs makes a better start than either Edge or Domanick Davis against the bad MIA D? Does Roy Williams' match-up warrant a start over Andre or Stokley? B)


In Week 10 when HOU was at INDY, Reuben Droughns was on a bye, and I started Roy Williams over Stokley (Williams 63 yds 0 TDs, Stokley 132 yds 2 TDs) :D 


My opponents projected line up:

McNabb @ WAS

Portis EAG

Blaylock @ TEN

Horn @ DAL

Chad Johnson @ NE

D. Clark @ HOU

Stover NYG

Eagles @ WAS


His bench:

J. Harrington @ GB

E. George NO

A. Thomas @ JAX

J. Porter @ ATL

Stallworth @ DAL

F. Jones SF


Do I have a chance for revenge?! :moon:

Thanks again, and good luck to you in your playoff games. :yay:

Happy Holidays to you and yours!    :yay:



OK, must starts imo: Edge, A. Johnson, D. Davis, T. Green.


So, imo, the only real question is Stokely or Williams. That's a tough call. Stokely usually has a bad game after a good game, but proved that wrong last week. Will he get 3 in a row? Tough call. Williams has been active but has not scored since returning from the injury. Both have good matchups. :D


I actually think Williams is the safer play. I could see the Stokely going for 150 and 2 TD's, but I could just as easily see him pitching a dud. We have to remember he is the 3rd option here. I think Williams is a safe 80-100 yards and hopefully a TD. If you're feeling lucky, Stokely, otherwise the smart move is Williams imo.

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I appreciate your time Hugh,


1pt/10yds. 6pt/TD:


I have to play 5 total from below:


C. Taylor (A must start against NYG)

D. Davis (Another must start)


Portis vs PHI (17-37 last time, and I don't see anything that has changed)

Brown vs KC (Great match-up but how long does he play for, I have Smith also but I think Brown starts. The risk is tempting.)


Walker vs DET(Yardage totals have been very low in the last 5 games and Favre seems to be spreading it around alot, I am losing confidence in him.)

Stokely vs HOU (On a tear but when will Manning get bored of him and pick someone else to throw to. If Clark is back that might hurt him also. Of course he is playing Houston.)

A. Johnson vs IND (HOU will have to throw and are usually much better at home than away, but isee he is now listed as questionable.)


So, unless you see some compelling reason not to play Taylor and Davis I am basically asking which 3 to play from Portis/Brown/Walker/Stokley/A Johnson.


Thanks for you help.



Brown, Walker and A. JOhnson. All very good options. Keep an eye on Brown though. If it likes like he might not go, you might want to plug in Stokely and hope for the best. Stokely is a risk though, but probably still a better option than Portis.

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Choose one RB:


Thomas Jones @ JAX

Chris Brown v. KC

Larry Johson @ TEN





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You Rock HUGH!!



Wayne @ Houston

Fitz vs SF

Colbert vs StL

Witten vs NO

Robbinson @ Seattle

Houschmandzadeh @ NE


Also, I got Buffalo defense (vs Cleveland), But I could p/u Colts @ Houston or Denver or Carolina....



Wayne, MRob, and Fitzgerald.


Stick with Buffalo.

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Thanks Hugh!


Do you start J. Johnson? My other options are Pittman, Rudi or Staley.  I start 2....



Who's J. Johnson? :D

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What's up dude?  Thanks for taking the time....


Vick vs. Oakland

Delhomme vs. St Louis

Hasselbeck at Minnesota

Please pick 1


E.James @ Houston

J.Jones vs. New Orleans

Droughns vs. Miami

Blaylock @ Tennessee

Please pick 3


I am worried about L.Johnson and T.Bell stealing carries.


Complicated scoring system rewarding 5-10-20 points based on the length of TD.

Rushing is 5pts for every 50 yds. Receiving is 10pts for 100 yds and 5 for every 50 after(no pts for # of receptions).  Passing is 5 pts for 200-299yds, 10pts for 300, 20pts for 400.


Thanks again

:D  :D



Close call between Delhomme and Haselbeck, but I'd go with Delhomme and hope he continues to find one of the hottest WR's in the league.


Edge and Jones are must starts. Between Blaylock and Droughns it's close. Blaylock will lose to Johnson, and Droughns will lose to Bell. That being said, with no Zach Thomas to help, Droughns should have an easy time with the Miami rush defense, so I'd start him.


Good luck.

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