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Ideas from the huddled masses

Kid Cid

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We were just talking over in the Pro Footbal forum and it was noticed that there were very few discussions in and amongst the many WDIS posts. Two ideas that were quickly raised were, moderators and breaking the Q and A forum into many sub topics to allow the posts time to be viewed by all.


I know that DMD and WW run this place but I have to believe that by now, you just don't have the time to devote to policing the boards like you used to. Perhaps it is time to consider giving a couple of the right people the power to run the boards for you.


I thought that the above ideas were pretty good so I posted them here to make sure they got your attention.

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I'd recommend Big John and yes, even Blitz. You might need more than one. Just someone or two who could, without rancor, move threads to the advice forum when appropriate. No big discussion, time outs or wagging of fingers necessary. wink Of course Big John would keep detailed stats, but he does that already anyhow it would appear. big_shoc

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This was discussed at length in the skybox last week also. (The moderator part.)


Both Blitz and Big John were the recommendations. (Both have offered.)


It must be darn near impossible to monitor the boards and run this place, plus ensure that you put out a good product with the projections/predictions and bench/start, plus all the other excellent stuff. And while I dislike the direction the Pro Forum has taken this year, I would much rather have the "Home" page stuff when it becomes a coin toss.


We just thought that you both might want to entertain the idea of a moderator. Didn't we have one for the Pro Forum a bit back? ... Seems to me Skippy was for the longest time. Someone else thought so too in the skybox.


Just some input from a loyal Huddler.

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