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Which states produce the most players ?!?

up the middle

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This list is for 2001 signees, not last year's class, the class before*


#1).Louisiana - 110 signees - population of 4,465,430 - 1 signee per 40,595 people.


#2).Texas - 366 signees - population of 21,325,018 - 1 signee per 58,265 people.


#3).Alabama - 73 signees - population of 4,464,356 - 1 signee per 61,155 people.


#4).Georgia - 131 signees - population of 8,383,915 - 1 signee per 63,999 people.


#5).Florida - 201 signees - population of 16,396,515 - 1 signee per 81,575 people.


#6).Ohio :D - 132 signees - population of 11,373,541 - 1 signee per 86,163 people.

(#4 in total signings)


#7).California - 252 signees - population of 34,501,130 - 1 signee per 136,909 people.


#8).Michigan - 71 signees - population of 9,990,817 - 1 signee per 140,716 people.


#9).North Carolina - 58 signees - population of 8,186,268 - 1 signee per 141,143 people.


#10).Pennsylvania - 72 signees - population of 12,287,150 - 1 signee per 170,655 people

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It'd be interesting to see these trends over a decade or so;


I recall reading an article in Scholatic Sports Magazine that ranked the top 7 HS football states - I recall that Texas, Cali, Fla, Ohio, Penn, and New Jersey were on the list, I forget the 7th.


Now Texas, Cali, and Fla are no-brainers, and Ohio and Pennsylvania put out a nice amount of players every year, plus they have such a great history, but I was baffled that Jersey made the list ahead of Michigan - especially as this was around the time that Andre Rison and Mark Ingram were playing in the pros and Bettis and Wheatley were starting RBs at ND, not to mention Mark Messner had very recently ended his eligibility as the Big Ten's all-time tackles for loss leader.


AND where NJ (and NY, for that matter) have all of ONE successful 1-A program ('Cuse), Michiganders make up a good chunk of Michigan State's roster, and pretty well stock MAC teams CMU, EMU, and WMU.


Sorry, Yooper expatriate ranting....

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