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ready to play the finals

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You guys have miraculously gotten me to the finals and for all the marbles and a couple of grand (and bragging rights that they "let a girl beat you") I think I have my line-up set except for final WD/TE.


Mt team is : Collins vs. KC (over Greise vs. Carolina)


McAllister (over TJones)





Now who do I start for 4th WD or TE:

E Johnson vs. Buffalo

D Hall vs.. Oakland assuming that Morton cannot play.

Givens, D (forget)


I am leaning towards Hall because I am playing against Trent Green and we get 6 for kick-off or punt returns for TD. I know my choices are not great, but they got me to the finals.


FYI- Going against: Green, T

C MArtin

M Faulk





Pitts D

So I am finally shot anyhow.

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thanks I think so too. I read he istrying to break a record for the most receptions by a tight end so maybe San Fran will try to get him the ball often.

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You should win, you're playing an extra player!!!


Or does your opponent get a 4th WR/TE also?

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