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Need some WR help

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With TO out now, I need to have someone else fill in for him.


My only strong starter this week is Joe Horn


I need two other WR and one more at my flex.


I have Clayton, Roy Williams, McCardell and Colbert.


I could pick up Randel-El as a FA right now.

Fitzgerld is on the waiver wire until tomorrow so I would have to wait on him.


Clayton vs. Car

Williams vs. Chi

McCardell @ Indy

Colbert at TB



Randel-El vs. Bal


Right now I'm 7th on the waiver wire list to pickup someone when they come off of waivers. I could take a chance and wait on Fitzgerld in hopes to get him as a FA tomorrow morning, or try and put in for hiim now and hopefully get him at my 7th spot. Most of the people in front of me on the waiver list are not playing for the championship now.


So, what three WR's doing I play with Horn? What do I do about Fitzgerld?



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Roy Williams looks like he is back. He should be a great play against Chicago D at home. Clayton has been solid most of the year. I would grab Fitz if possible as the third to go with Horn. Arizona's offense under Denny Green seems to be hitting a nice stride and Seattle's D is crippled right now with injuries.


I don't like McCardell w/ his injury and Colbert's more hit and miss than the others.

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