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I hate Miami but they were SCREWED!


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yeah but even after all of that, they still would have won if not for that BS call by that lame big 12 official who has consistently made bad calls and had the league apologizing on his behalf all year.



You can't say "yeah but even after all that". Had Miami taken care of business it would never have been an issue. NO TEAM LOSES THE BALL 5 TIMES AND WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP. I notice you aren't talking about the bad call by the ref.s ruling Gamble out of bounds.

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the ref has stated the call was going to be holding and if u watch the reply he was mugging gamble...the only reason it was called pass interference was because the ball was in the air..and it would have never come to that if the ref made the right call on gambles catch in regulation...the replay u see on abc is in the endzone the penalty takes place before gamble reaches the endzone.5 turnovers our defense came to play the pressure on Dorsey and stopping Willis was incredible.OSU won this game!!! Trev Albert can eat it hope it tastes going down u has been!!! Where is Trev today....lol

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Boo Hoo Hoo! Go and cry to someone who cares. Miami got their candycane a**es stomped. What game did you watch? Bad and/or missed calls every quarter. What about the NO "holding" calls that should have been called on UM?! I saw at least 1 per offensive series for UM the whole fricken game. Gambles' out-of-bounds catch?


Whiny a**, F***in, crybaby LOSERS !!! lol


OSU 31 UM 24 and National Champs :P :D

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