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Non Eagle, Pats, Steelers and Falcons fan only!

Hugh 0ne

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So, what will be worse here at the huddle come Monday morning?


If the Beagles win, we'll have to listen to Mauraders, NSab, Hugh-Mongus, Flyeaglesfly, and all the others that will crawl from the woodworks praising the greatness of Todd Pinkston.


If the Steelers win, Menudo and Squeegie alone will be enough to drive us crazy.


A Falcons win wouldn't be too bad, a few extra posts from BigScore and Atlanta Cracker would probably be the extent of it.


A Pats win would be bad too, with the likes of Balzac, Forever in Debt, Caveman Nick, Czarina and others denouncing the greatness of the Pats until we all want to shoot ourselves in the knee.




I think Falcons and Steelers wins would produce the least amount of utterly annoying homer posts. Yep, that's who I'm rooting for. :D










:D You have to be Kidding, out of all the Fans left that have a team to root for. the Birds fans are the quietest, Menudo's poems B) , UT's moronic rants B) . oh and we are not in the woodwork :D

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I have never, and will never praise Pinkston or Freddy.




Go E-A-G-L-E-S

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Just thought I'd rag you for a bit . . . then I saw your sigline and saw that you're not in need of any additional ragging.  Snap- that's harsh . . . yet undeniably awesome.







If you think that one is harsh, you should have caught his sig from earlier in the year after the Sox beat the Yanks :D

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If the Pats win were gonna have 2 weeks of UT's posts on everything from "I told you so" to breaking down stats that have absolutely no meaning to sig line bets out the wazoo. :D


I think a Steelers/Falcons win brings a quieter albeit more boring Huddle for the next 2 weeks.


So, here's hoping for a Pats/Eagles win for 2 weeks of great post reading. :D

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How's the weather out there, Menudo?







I actually meant to bump the Steelers - Pats sigline bet and accidentally bumped this one. :doah: As for the weather, I am closer to Central PA, about an hour and 45 from Philly and 3 and 1/2 from the 'Burgh' The snowstorm was weak here. We were supposed to see between 10-20 inches, but we only got about 4 or 5. It is not supposed to snow today, so I don't think snow will be a factor. HOWEVER, it is bitter cold and supposed to be windy at both games, so the passing and kicking games will certainly be affected. No doubt about that.

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Isn't EVERY kicking chance affected at Heinz field anyway??


Reaching WAY BACK-- Kreskin sees Pitts. leading the whole game and winning when Brady throws a pick that goes the other way to end all hope.. Then we find out Cowher and Bill B. had a side bet where Bill has to wear a suit and a Tom Landry hat all next year opposed to Cowher woulda had to shave that funky 'stache and sport a Mullet aka Billy Ray Cirus sp?..


Atlanta beats Philly which makes T.O. refuse to report to camp until, he is traded to Atlanta, which means overrated Vick will be able to break 100 yards passing..


Other than that, I just hope the score is AFC 6.. NFC 9.. when a quarter ends!!!!

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