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As excited as I am about tonite's Superbowl, I am dreading the next two weeks of media onslaught of crap about a game that IMO will be anticlimatic. Are you ready for two weeks of Vick, will T.O. play, Big Ben, Bellichek & Brady. And if I hear another how C. Dillon has changed the offense of the Pats, duh no *** tell me something I don't know. Thanks just had to get that out.

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I hear you, I'm sick of hearing the Dillon thing as well. WE ALL KNOW that he will make a difference, enough already !!!!! As for tonight's game being the Super Bowl, I will not go as far as saying that. The Steelers and Patriots have been the best two teams in the NFL this year, and in my opinion are the most talented, but the Eagles and Falcons are the class of the NFC, the rest of the conference is weak. Whichever wins does not have to be ashamed of anything, and will certainly have a solid chance at winning in two weeks. The Falcons and Eagles can beat anyone on any given day, it's not as if they don't have solid teams, they do. Well, my stomach is already doing backflips, I might pass out before the 6:30 kickoff. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO !!!!! :D

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