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Interesting article


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Below is a cut-and-paste of the article, and a link.


It basically says that Buffalo is seriously considering going with Losman at QB next year, and that they should decide by March 2. If they decide to go that route and Bledsoe gripes, then he could end up back with Parcells in Dallas.


I would have to think that most Cowboy fans would be happier with Bledsoe at QB for a year or two then with Vinny, no?




Losman may get chance to start



While no decision appears imminent, Bledsoe's future should be decided before March 2



News Sports Reporter



Once again, quarterback Drew Bledsoe (11) faces losing his job to a younger quarterback.


The Buffalo Bills are strongly considering going with J.P. Losman as their starting quarterback next season, and Drew Bledsoe could wind up out of town as a result.

The Bills' braintrust thinks it has to go with Losman next year if at all possible, an NFL source told The News.


That doesn't mean they can hand the job to Losman, because he only took a handful of snaps in game action this year. But after reviewing the 2004 campaign, the team thinks it must give Losman a strong chance to start in what will be his second season.


That means Bledsoe is going to have to be willing to compete for the job, as Bills President and General Manager Tom Donahoe stated two weeks ago, and it's likely he's going to have to be willing to be the backup if Losman shows enough promise in the spring and summer.


A Bills source said the team has not asked Bledsoe to take a pay cut and has not given him any deadline for making a decision about 2005. The team has explained to Bledsoe a number of different options that it is considering at quarterback, the source said.


Obviously, one of those options is a pay cut. But money is probably a less important factor in Bledsoe's future with the Bills than his mindset.


Would the 12-year veteran be willing to give up his No. 1 designation? It would take a major change of heart.


The day after the Bills' season ended, Bledsoe dismissed the suggestion he could have a fight for his job, saying, "It's my team."


But the Bills have to be wondering how much farther they can get with Bledsoe after a season in which they went 9-7 with the No. 2-rated defense and the No. 1-rated special teams in the NFL. They also want to speed the development of Losman, in whom they invested a No. 1 draft pick last April. (They also spent second- and fifth-round picks to make the Losman selection.)


If Bledsoe and his agent, David Dunn, conclude he has no other options around the NFL, then it's possible he could come around to the idea of accepting the possibility of a backup role (and a pay cut) in Buffalo. But if they think he can land with another team with a strong chance to play, it's doubtful he would want to stay in Buffalo.


Bledsoe might have another landing spot. Among the teams with an uncertain quarterback situation is Dallas, coached by Bill Parcells. He is a Bledsoe admirer and coached Bledsoe in New England. Dallas was quarterbacked this season by 41-year-old Vinny Testaverde.


Bledsoe is scheduled to make $3.3 million in base salary this year and get a $1.05 million roster bonus. His total salary cap charge is $6.5 million. If the Bills release Bledsoe, he would count $4.3 million against the cap, which is the amount of amortized bonus money left on the Bills' salary cap books as a result of a $6.5 million bonus he got last May. Bledsoe's current contract runs through 2006. Losman signed a five-year rookie contract.


While no decision appears imminent, Bledsoe's future should be decided before March 2, the start of the NFL's free-agency season and the time at which many roster bonuses are paid leaguewide.


Asked two weeks ago if he thought Bledsoe was No. 1 at QB when minicamps start, Donahoe said, "I think when you start the next year all positions are open. That's my attitude toward it, and that's something I learned from (Pittsburgh) Coach (Chuck) Noll. So regardless of whether you were the starter, you went to the Pro Bowl or you made All-Pro, I don't think it makes any difference next year. I think you start from scratch, and the best players deserve to play."


Bledsoe finished the season with a passer rating of 76.6, even with his 12-year career average. That ranked 25th in the NFL. Bledsoe's 2,932 passing yards ranked 18th in the league. He had 20 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.


In the games Willis McGahee started at running back - 11 of the final 12 - Bledsoe threw 15 touchdowns and eight interceptions and was sacked only 15 times. The Bills won nine of their last 11. Bledsoe's season sack total of 37 was his lowest for a full season.


Edit: because I forgot to post the link and article initially. :D

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And the difference between Vinny and Bledsoe is.... what?


Edit: The Bills would be nuts to let Losman start without at least having a capable (or at least someone like Bledsoe) backup.




Interesting thought, though!

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And the difference between Vinny and Bledsoe is.... what?





Probably not an awful lot at this point, but I'd still give an edge to Bledsoe, and it just seems that most Cowboy fans despise Vinny for some reason.


Edit:  The Bills would be nuts to let Losman start without at least having a capable (or at least someone like Bledsoe) backup. 

Absolutely, but stranger things have happened.

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