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Eagles fan...YES


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This guy took out a line of credit against his home to go to the SB.  He said all his credit cards were maxed out.




Now that's a REAL fan.



Since I usually root for bad things to happen to people with misplaced priorities, I hope the Eagles go to the next three or four SBs.

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"Eagles fans stuck by their team when it was awful and agonized when the Birds blew three straight chances to go to the Super Bowl. Now that their loyalty has been rewarded, why would they let the prospect of 10 or 20 years' worth of additional house payments faze them?"


How could these equity loans add up to 20 years of additional payments?

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NSab, I thought you were smarter than that.






:D Wasn't me Bro, I live and die with the Birds, but I would never.

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A "REAL" Philly fan would drive his beat up '79 Camaro to Jacksonville, hang out outside the airport, and mug the first person he saw with a Donavan McNabb jersey and steal his tickets.




You almost got it right, He would be wearing a Brady Jersey.

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