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Who Would You Take?

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Which player would you choose with which to start a new NFL franchise?  

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  1. 1. Which player would you choose with which to start a new NFL franchise?

    • Eli Manning
    • Ben Rothlisberger

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At the risk of incurring the wrath of my Steeler fan friends (as if)...


I heard this being discussed on local sports radio earlier this week. certainly two months ago you would never have asked this question, but with Eli Manning ending the season on an upswing (he seemed to "get it" the last three games or so), and with Big Ben ending the season on a decided downswing, then of the two who would you prefer as your franchise quarterback for the next 10 years or so? I'm omitting Rivers because none of us have seen enough of him at the professional level to make an informed decision on him yet IMO.


I suspect Rothlisberger will win this one, maybe handily, but I'm casting the first vote for Manning. A little unfair, because as a New Yorker I saw more of him, and in my limited exposure to Rothlisberger (2 Jets games and the Patriots playoff game), I was extremely unimpressed. I know he had some very solid games in the middle of the season, where I saw only the highlights. But I also think he stepped into a much friendlier situation, with an elite rushing game and an elite defense surrounding him, as opposed to Manning, who was surrounded by Tiki Barber and a bunch of stiffs. Based on what I saw of Manning down the stretch, I think the same thing about him that I thought when he came out of college - this guy is gonna' be very very good. had some doubts midway through the season, but as I noted before, it looked to click for him around week 13 or so, and I liked his decision-making from that point forward. I'd take him over Rothlisberger right now.

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Obviously the votes will go Ben's way because of the Pitt team. No way would anyone pick Eli except someone from our area but, you are correct that he did very well in his final three games. And yes, he will catch up to and probably surpass Ben within a year or so. Manning was unquestionably the most talented QB in the draft. He went to a team that was mediocre at best (and yes that was his choice) while Ben went to one of the best all around teams in the NFL. Pitt simplified the O for him and ran, ran, ran and after they ran some more wore down the D it was time for Ben to shine. Good for Ben's success, it was taylored for him while Eli got thrown to the dogs and spent 3/4's of his season looking up at the sky. It was a learning experiance for both. To actually say one will be better than the other, my money goes to Manning just because he has more ability. Whether he can capitalize on it within the Giant system, with the existing players is another story. Ben will be a good QB and within the system he's in, if it stays intact I see another Brady once he gets over the rookie mistakes and becomes more comfortable. Pitt will be a dominant team for some time if FA doesn't kill them or the cap. If you consider Brady a Great QB then I think Ben comes closer to him and Eli will be (like his brother) a very smart and talented QB. I would question the success of any QB within the Giant system for the next two years. Much needs to be done there.

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