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Young or Montana


Which would you choose to lead your team?  

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  1. 1. Which would you choose to lead your team?

    • Young
    • Montana

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I admire Montana as a qb and a winner, I have great respect for what he did as a football player. But I loved to watch Steve Young play football, he was a great athlete and played with great passion and he reminded me of Roger Staubach. I think he was a better overall athlete than Roger but they seemed to have the same fire. I'll vote for Montana but my favorite is Steve.


My two favorite players in the decade of the 90's was E.Smith and S.Young.

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i'm a 49er homer. got to see both play. love both of them. HAVE to go with montana. montna was not the running back young was, but was still very mobile (could scramble for yards and thorw on the run). i believe montana set a sb rushing record for a qb in 84-85 vs miami (not sure what the current record is). decision making, precision, grasp of the complex offense, field sense, give him the nod.


not a total bash on young, but in those great 49er/Dal NFC championship games, we could count on young to come up with 1-2 crucial turnovers. i also acknowledge that during those years the 49ers' dbs were going downhill and that also contributed to thier not beating dallas, but young got his when the niners had a stacked team (94- the team of mercinaries)

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Saw a bio on Montana a few years back. He said that during times of stress everything went to slow motion. It was like everyone was slowed way down and he had the time to check out everything and get the opporunity to make the right decision. I found that to be very interesting.


Not the most athletic. Not the fastest. Not the tallest. Not the strongest arm. Seems like all he did was win games and Superbowls. :D


Montana in a NY Minute.

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