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The final numbers are tallied and BillyBalata made up a lot of ground with an impressive 157 point Super Bowl score to take the 2005 Smackbowl VIII crown




The official Final Standings of Smackbowl VIII




1. 557.50 BillyBalata - Wins the authentic NFL helmet of his choice


2. 526.15 Danskman - Takes home $100


3. 519.65 Stormchasers - Winner of the coveted TUBE SOCKS


4. 505.45 Shot_Kings - Wins any item from Huddle Store


5. 504.60 sarge5121976 - Wins any item from the Huddle Store


6. 503.80 Wally - Fell from #1 but still snags the Teddy Bear!!


All winners will be contacted for info on where to send their prize.


Thanks to everyone for playing and remember - Next year is your year!




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14th place for me huh? Considering where I started out this year, I'm happy just to be here.  B)






Show off. :D


267th for me :D ...the only thing I can hang my hat on is that I managed to get above 300 points. :D


Guess I'll try the potpourri method for the next Smack Bowl.

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it's all about pick'in two teams & loading up their players.






What the heck was I talking about, I just looked at my Smackbowl squad and it was pretty much potpourri (with pee-poor ingredients). Looks like I just over-managed it by thinking this player can score more in this position in two games than other players in that same position.

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Wow, I'm speechless. I won something this year. :D








Congratulations! :D


By the way, do you have a C-note I can borrow? B)

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