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I don't understand why all the hype....


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I have seen where TO comeback from the ankle injury has been described as “incredable” “inspirational” “awe inspiring” etc.

I have to say that it was refreshing after what the DL from the Jets did with his chance.



Does anyone remember on 17 Nov 2002 on the third play of the game McNabb broke his right ankle. He played until just over four minutes left in the game and completed 20 of 25 for 255 yards and four TD’s.


55 days later he returned to the lineup and led his team to a playoff victory over Atlanta.


On 19 Dec 2004 TO broke his ankle and was out 50 days and returned for todays SB.


I really can’t see why several people are making this out to be the best sports story of this millenium.

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Athletes are definately reaping the rewards of today's medicine. A few years ago TO would have been out for the remainder of the year, and so was McNabb. I think the reason everyone is so awe struck is that he stated he would be back for the super bowl, and w/o medical clearance he went out and played VERY WELL. You could see that the ankle was bothering him, but he chugged on for the team and tried to win teh ultimate reward for a football player/team.


Does that help?

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