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I was looking around and came across something that made me feel a little bit better about my Browns...and another reason why they sucked it up. (still love 'em)


Top 5 hardest 2004 Schedules.


1. Cleveland Browns .590, 151-105

2. Oakland Raiders .570, 146-110

3. Miami Dolphins .555, 142-114

T-4. Baltimore Ravens .551, 141-115

T-4. Kansas City Chiefs .551, 141-115


Maybe an easier schedule next year???



Here is the rest of the league strength of schedules


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That strength of schedule can be a misleading, especially this past season when there were a couple clear-cut elite teams with exceptional records. Example is the Jets - with a .523 winning percentage for their opponents cumulatively, it looks like they had a tough schedule. however, if you eliminate just three games (Patriots twice and Steelers), their remaining opponents had a winning percentage of .437. And I know from following the Jets closely all season that they did have a pretty gentle schedule this year.

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Compared to the teams in their division, the Browns are always going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to strength of schedule simply because they don't get to play themselves twice a year.






That's just COLD. :D

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That;s the only thing about my Chiefs, they are top 5 in this category every year. They could go 1-15 and still be in the top 5 in SOS the next year. Bank on it.








I think teams in the AFC West always have a tough schedule.............

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