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OC/DC positioning


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I was just reading about BB, Charlie Weiss', and Romeo Crennell's embrace at the end of the game.


This caused me to remember when offensive and defensive coordinators used to sit in the box. I remember that announcers like Summerall and Madden said that coordinators like to do that because they can see the whole field better.


However, I have noticed that more recently (say 10 years) the OC/DC stand on the sidelines.


What changed?

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I don't know what may or may not have changed. I DO know that most coaches generally go with whatever the coordinator's preference may be as to where he positions himself during the game. Both have their good points and bad points:


The Box - better vantage point to watch the action; less hubbub than on the sidelines, what with players getting treatment, shuttling in and out, and the odd play coming right at you at full speed; however, you don't get real hands-on, face-to-face contact with the players


Sidelines - better communication between coordinator and players, which can go both ways - Green Bay's offense was jump-started when Mike Sherman took over OC responsibilities on the sideline this year, and being able to really communicate at length with Favre was a major factor; downside would be Terrell Owens lambasting Gregg Knapp or the Panthers player attacking their defensive coordinator; also, down on the sidelines just isn't as great an angle to see how things are going as the box

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