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If you're hiring a HC and everthing else is equal, do you hire  

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  1. 1. If you're hiring a HC and everthing else is equal, do you hire

    • A disciplinarian
    • A Players' Coach

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As long as players pay attention at practice and do their best on game day, their private life should be their own, IMO. Let the police and the NFL office handle the felonies.

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I would get players who can play the game of football, and let the coach coach them.


Barry Switzer's got a ring. Tom Coughlin doesn't.







The fact that Switzer has a ring is hardly related to the fact that he was a great coach. It was that he inherited a team that was coming off 2 Super Bowls and was stocked with talent. More telling was how quickly the wheels came off.


As far as the Cowboys go, I've seen them play with Switzer "hands off" types and Parcells discipline and everything in between. You cannot dismiss the pure importance of having good players no matter how they are coached, but all things being equal, name a very successful players coach.


Belichick is a disciple (of sorts) of Parcells brand. I would strongly contend that if a coach falls to one side or the other, that falling more towards the discipline side is more successful and absolutely in the long term. With good enough players, almost any team and coach can put together one good season but consistency and improvement is normally a coaching thing, not a player thing. And you cannot get as good results the more lax you are with players.

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i just want a Bill Cowher type. I dont know where he fits but i choose him






Not being that close to the Steelers' situation, I'd almost say Cowher fits near the "players' coach" end of the spectrum - but he's hardly a Switzer. There IS discipline enforced on the Steelers, and I think that there isn't any doubt who the big cheese is in town.


But be that as it may, Cowher seems to have enough good sense to stay on good terms with his players; I'd lump guys like Herm Edwards and Vermeil in the same group - you know who's in charge, but he's not going to be a hardass just because he's the head coach, he'll treat you like a man and if you hang yourself, it's because you used all the rope he gave you.

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