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NFL Draft Drinking Game


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They should add:


* If Chris Berman, who to this point has looked about as clued-in to the whole process as a drunken chimpanzee, suddenly chimes in with his balls-on accurate prediction of who the next team will draft.


The first time this really hit me was when the Colts drafted Dwight Freeney. IIRC, the Colts were on the clock with the 13th pick, and Freeney was projected more around 20-25. As time wound down, all the talking heads were going back and forth. Suddenly, Berman pipes up: "Maybe they reach for Dwight Freeney?" All the talking heads respond with stunned silence, and right before Tags announces the pick, someone says "that WOULD be a reach . . ." And, sure enough, Freeney is the pick.


Since then, I've noticed Berman pull this little trick at least three times in the first round every year. I swear the guy who gets the little card tells whispers in Berman's ear before even entering the pick.




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