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Pennington has Surgery


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Here is a link to a report by Newsday (NY area paper) that finally answers some questions I had about his status. The pre-op diagnosis was not previously released.




Having gone through surgery for a complete rotator cuff repair, I know there would have been little chance of Pennington being able to start next season's opener. Turns out, it was a partial tear, and with some damage to the labrum as well, which is what the doctors expected, I suppose based in MRI results.


When I was rehabbing, 2 months post surgery, I was doing the same excersices that another guy (same doc) was doing at two weeks post op for a partial tear. There is a chance he will be prone to reinjuring it, but as they say in the article, Curt Shilling had the same procedure and lost nothing off his fastball, and didnt miss any playing time, as it was done in the off season.


PS: I was pretty sure it was only a partial tear.... I couldn't change the radio station in my truck with it, never mind throw a football, but this at least makes me more optomistic for next year.... He never threw bullets, but I knew he had lost something off of his intermediate throws in the 15 to 20 yard range.

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If he had sustained a complete tear, I don't think he would have been able to throw that 40-yard TD pass to Moss in the playoffs asgainst the Bolts. I can still see that pass in my mind, d@mn it! :D

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