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2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI


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K...Atomic has politely declined to head this up for this year due to time constraints and getting angry fan mail last year...so after taking the blood oath and fasting for almost 20 minutes, I have agreed to host the Mystery Huddler (MH) contest for the 2005 off-season...I will be taking several liberties with what's been posted about the rules and such for the last few seasons about this, so if something doesn't seem right this year, too bad...I'll be accepting submittals up until the first week of March, and then posting them starting around March 7th or 8th...there will only be about 8-10 of these done so get your stuff in early if you want to do this...(and everyone needs to give Atomic a hugh thanks for doing this during the past years)


The Official 2005 rules:


1. A Mystery Huddler pic is posted, and I put up a few clues a couple times a day...


2. Everyone tries to come to a consensus on which Huddle regular is featured in the pic. Pick out important details in the picture that may lead to the true identity (well... at least the fake on-line identity) of our Mystery Huddler.


4. The clues get less vague as the game goes on.


5. Everyone has a good time, hopefully with just a little bit of respect for those brave enough to submit their pictures. (Except for those who have already been a Mystery Huddler since they have been harrassed endlessly).


6. The first one to guess the Mystery Huddler's true identity gains respect and love from everyone, usually resulting in increased confidence and success in life.


UN-Official rules for 2005:


1) If there is another guy ANYWHERE in the photo, it must be suggested that he is the MH's gay lover.


2) Loaf's name must be guessed at least once in the thread


3) Big John must give everyone a 2 page head start before his first guess. He's too dang good at this.


Soooooo....if for some unknown reason, you want to submit yourself to Mystery Huddler, send a pic and some clues such as:

- favorite team

- where you live

- leagues you are in

- contests you've won

- sigline bets you've been involved in

- things you're known for

- padder or non-padder

- gastrointestinal problems that you've made public


.... to abearwfurn@yahoo.com.


I have the ability to decipher many formats of images, so don't worry about the file type. (However, some digital camera images can be very large... let me know if you are trying to send something and Yahoo won't allow it).


Seriously though... this has always been a lot of fun, and everyone including the mystery huddler gets a good laugh. As per usual Huddle policy, mean-spirited personal attacks are not tolerated.



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And so another off-season is about to officially begin here at the Huddle.


Atomic did an outstanding job while he had the MH conn, and I am sure ABearw/ will be more than up to the task as he now takes the MH conn.


Gonna be another interesting year.... :D

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I'd like to take a minute to apologize to bananas everywhere....


oh, hell....that banana's as gay as a picnic basket!!!


(Cue the offended picnic basket population....)



I'm betting BWF HAS a picnic basket. We'll just call him Yogi. :D

I nominate Wolfden for the 1st MH of the year now....LOL.

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