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Hey guys I posted this before, but my local $$ league is looking for a few more owners (3 to be exact)- we have 6 hold overs from last season + 1 new "Huddle" recruit so far and are looking at getting to 10.


Yahoo H2H League with 6x6 scoring (Hitting K's & Pitching L's added as negative cats).


Entry is $150, no additional fees.


4 $$ Prizes:


Best record at AS Break

Best record at Year End

Playoff Runner Up

Playoff Champ


We are looking to start drafting on Monday March 7th. We'll do a slow message board draft on Yahoo once the site is up (they provide a league MB) or possibly I can get DMD to set something up for us here?


Entry Fee will be required up front- last year we got burned by an "on-line" recruit who never paid so we are mandating a little more caution this time around.


I am in "Born of The Huddle" football (PAFFL) and baseball leagues (Dugout FBL) and am on the board all the time- you don't have to worry about your investment- if you win you will get paid - I am not going anywhere and am easy to track down- it just sucked that we all got burned last year by a non-payer so I have to insist on up front $$. One man's questionable morals has shaken my faith a bit.


First come first serve, send me an e-mail and let me know if interested.




I will be happy to send you last years rules, which we will be discussing once all 10 owners are in place to see if anything gets tweaked for 2005.


The guys that I play with are all very active owners, like to trash talk & make trades, etc.


It's a fun little league but it is also a challenge.



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I've never played FF baseball before, but I'm intrigued.


1. How many do you draft?

2. Do you have to change starting lineups or do you just post a lineup and let it ride?

3. How much time do you have to invest to be considered an "active" owner?

4. Where do you get rankings?


Curious. Maybe interested.

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I never played Fantasy Baseball either until about 3 years ago when my buddies (guys that are still in this league) talked me into giving it a shot. I fell in love with it- now I couldn't imagine a baseball season approaching without me playing fantasy- I am just a "fantasy junkie" I suppose.


Anyway- the thing is that it's a long term commitment March-September, but realistically once the draft is over if you devote just a few minutes each day to set your line-ups you are good to go.


On Yahoo you can set you daily line-ups like a week in advance (for example if you have Schilling pitching on Tuesday you put him in at starting pitcher, then on Wednesday you have Randy Johnson going you take Schilling out of Wednesday's line up and plug-in Unit).


You do have to pay attention though to injuries, rain outs, etc. so blindly setting a line up for a full week is dangerous because baseball has games just about every day and there are many factors which could precipitate a line-up change. My experience is that (especially while killing time at work) I am checking my team, artices, updates, etc. several times each weekday- less on weekends where I may set the Saturday/Sunday line up on Frfday and not have to worry about it.


You draft around 25 guys per team and have a daily starting line-up of :


C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF, Utility (any player), SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P


-the rest are bench players.


You are garnering stats in 12 total categories (6 hitting and 6 pitching):


Hitting- Runs scored, HR, RBI, SB, Avg., K's (negative),

Pitching, Wins, Losses (negative), K's, ERA, WHIP ratio, Saves(walks+hits per innings pitched)


In our head 2 head format you are scheduled to play one other team for an entire week starting Monday and running through Sunday.


For each category that you out perform your opponent you get a win, and for each he bests you- you get a loss. At the end of the week you game may be scored 8-4.


Total records are cumulative throughout the season with 12 "games" per week being played.


Is this enough information?


Edit to add:


if you go to MLB.com and click on their "Fantasy Link" and then "2005 Fantasy Preview"- they have pretty good rankings broken down position by position.

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Can I still get in?  This is the same league where you were going to wait until after the Superbowl to figure everything out, right?







same one- one Huddle guy told me today (JoJoTheWebToedBoy) he's in for sure so he's #7.


I figured I'd repost now that we are ready to roll, so if you want in you got it-just let me know for sure and you'll be #8.

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same one- one Huddle guy told me today (JoJoTheWebToedBoy) he's in for sure so he's #7.


I figured I'd repost now that we are ready to roll, so if you want in you got it-just let me know for sure and you'll be #8.






Cool, count me in then.

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Skrappy & Los G I just sent you guys e-mail- you'll be owners 8 & 9.


Just need one more to get our 10 and then we'll be able to roll the virtual dice for draft orders, etc.


I'll e-mail you guys tomorrow with the complete owner's list and e-mail contacts, etc. for the rest of the league.


Stay Tuned.

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  • 2 weeks later...

BUMP- looks like we need just 1 more owner-


anybody interested?







Can you draft anyone you want or do you have a budget?

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