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I just wanted to throw this out there.I run an rbi league with about 10 of my friends and I wanted to see if maybe 10 of us would want to start one.RBI is very simple you draft 7 players and you count your best 5.All you do is total rbis.There is no trades or free agents or anything like that.Its just the 7 guys you drafted.You dont count the lowest 2 throw aways.We put in 2 throw aways because of injuries and guys going in the tank.The only issue is I dont think I could run this one since I run the other one Im in.If somebody else would run it I think it would be a cool league.10 is a good max number because you dont want the league to be watered down too bad.10 team league is 70 players.Im in a full time fantasy baseball league plus an rbi league so I dont think I have the time to run this .If anyone wants to step in lets get this going.Once you draft all you have to do is sit back and watch your players.I update the one I run once a week.anyone interested?

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