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Randy Moss has been traded...

Rectum Fire

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Some general comments regarding various points/questions contained in this thread:


1) Moss would probably get 84 if he wanted it, seeing that he has NFL seniority over Porter. Not sure what the norm is here, but hey both Porter and Moss are West Virginia boys... surely they can work something out. Plus, Moss wore 88 at Marshall... perhaps he switches over to 88.


2) I'm 100% straight, and yet I sometimes have rectum fire. Try eating 2 chili dogs at Weinerschnitzel.


3) Napolean Harris is not all that. After a big 2003-4 season (109 tackles), he had a pretty ho-hum 2004-5 season. He may have been injured, but only started 9 games for a pretty horrible defense. I had him on my IDP league in 2003-4, and he was a stud. Definite bust the following season.


4) I ruptured my Achilles' in October, and I am just now lightly jogging and doing VERY limited weight lifting. My orthopedic surgeon called the rehab process "male pregnancy", because it literally takes 9 months (with 3 distinct "trimesters") to be fully recovered. Curry is not going to be a factor until very late in the 2005-6 season.


That's about all for now. It is front-page worthy on ESPN.com right now. :D


Edit: :ninja:s did not enjoy Randy's :D

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Now the Packers won't have to draft a DB with their first round pick.







Yeah, but we will be drafting one. And if a top DB prospect were to slide, you'd have to think the Pack would look long and hard...


no...I think they still need a DB if they want to make the playoffs...but, then again with favre likely retiring.....their problem won't be on defense as much as it will be at QB..







Don't bet on that one...he'll be back.

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Not for the announced deal I am not happy at all!








dammit! The word NO is supposed to be the LARGEST FONT. It is when I hit preview post but it keeps coming up regular size.


This is not the best time to be annoying me! :hoppingmad: :hoppingmad: :hoppingmad: :hoppingmad: :hoppingmad: :hoppingmad:

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They are both merely using the AP feed which itself quotes the Pioneer Press






Mad Dog just said that Moss's agent has confirmed that the deal with the Raiders is in place.


Edit: ESPN says his agent confirmed as well:

Dante DiTrapano, Moss' agent, told The Associated Press that the Minnesota Vikings and the Raiders had "come to an agreement on Randy playing for Oakland next year."





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To all you Viking fans sporting the Moss avatar after the playoff game, will you all become Raider fans now? :D :oldrazz:







Well, I sported a Chavez inspired avatar for a while during his exile, but that doesn't mean that I "root for his team" if you know what I mean. :D


It's interesting to me that this trade took place before the change in ownership. Not sure what the politics behind that move is yet. Funny thing is, I'm just not really upset at all about losing Moss. It was fun to watch him haul in some impossible catches, but a team needs more than flashes of briliance to advance to the next level. And that's all that Moss will ever be able to offer... flashes of brilliance.


Besides, without change something sleeps inside of us, and seldom awakens. B)

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Excuse me, but before we all go into a feeding frenzy over this proposed trade, does anybody know for sure whether or not Moss can veto a trade to the Raiders?







If all this trade noise is coming from Randy's agent, I'd say that they aren't focusing on vetoing the deal.

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It's interesting to me that this trade took place before the change in ownership.  Not sure what the politics behind that move is yet.








I wouldn't be surprised to find out Fowler did have some kind of say in this behind the scenes. Red's already the bad guy in town. Better to trade him now instead of the new owner coming in and making that one of his first moves.

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I just listened to a local sports guy on a TC radio program. Basically one guy was patting the other on the back because he knew this was going down about a month ago. One of his two sources came from the Raiders organization.


He also mentioned that a Raiders defensive player that was in the original deal refused to report for a physical. So the deal was changed to include Nap Harris instead. Then it sounded like the deal went from a DB to a LB. One would have to assume that Woodson was in on the original plan, but he must have thought that he would not be able to pass a physical. This is what I got from the local buzz.


According to WCCO radio, they weren't saying that this was in the works, it sounded like it was a done deal.

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Don't like the guy, never have never will.


But he will be a good fit for Oakland. With Porter on the other side and COllins deep arm, it's gonna work out good. I'm a big Gannon man who's saying the clock is ticking until he's deep sixed.


I may dislike the guy still, but it's a good day for Oakland if this goes through.

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Now how bad will the NFC be this year?






They should be better. The Panthers will be back to 2003 form. Hopefully Gibbs will get an offense together for the Redskins. The Eagles and Atlanta will still be strong teams. I doubt the Saints will continue their strong run at the end of the season into 2005, but it could happen. :D The Cowboys will be better when they use Julius Jones as a workhorse. The Lions will be decent once they get a REAL QB. The Giants might even be decent this year.


And the NFC South will be the strongest division.

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As a fan of both the Falcons and Raiders, I'm scratching my head over the potential trade.


On the one hand, the Falcons WR group is just pathetic. Jenkins, Price, Finneran, etc.? Certainly nothing to be excited about. They have a decent defense and could have easily afforded to make that trade with a first and another early round pick, unless they couldn't "afford" ($) to make that trade. I just assume not have Randy Moss in Atlanta.


With the Raiders, I think Al might as well go out and try to draft Maurice Clarett as his starting RB and field as many whiners as possible. Mysery loves company. The vertical passing attack has gotten the Colts only so far and the Colts are a much better team than the Raiders.


And what was Moss's agent saying about Randy wanting to play somewhere else because the Vikings are in constant rebuilding mode? Randy, are you insane? The Vikings have been to the playoffs nearly every year since he got there. What have the Raiders done besides a weak Super Bowl effort? Did Minnesota want him gone that badly?

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