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Jason Campbell, Auburn

Duchess Jack

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Anybody know anything about this kid?  I hear he is a diamond in the rough...that is resume does not reflect his talent. 


Has anyone heard of their team being interested in this guy?  Any chance he gets taken off the board before Miami's 2.3 pick?







Don't know much about him, but I haven't seen any mock with him going that early...

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Miami doesnt have a 2nd round pick


I think teams San Fran and Cleveland will have to take a long look at him with both teams picking at the top of the 2nd round...they could pull a San Diego, get in impact player with their 1st rounder, and take the QB at the top of the 2nd, ala Drew Brees.


His college carrer is similar to Carson Palmers..he didnt really come on until his sr year...I think he had 4 different offensive coordinators during his Auburn career so..

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I personally think he has a legit shot at being the best QB taken in this draft.  As Im not sold on Rogers or Smith at this point







I like him too. He struggled with decision making early in his career but really came on this season. Some of that may have to do with the quote below.


I think he had 4 different offensive coordinators during his Auburn career so..


Constant change in coordinators may have hindered his development. This season their new coordinator brought with him a pro-style West Coast offense and Campbell excelled in it. Though sharing the backfield with two 1st round caliber RBs probably didn't hurt.

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Well....heres to trading Surtain....for a pick or two....and trading down (1.2) far enough wherein we can pick the last remaining of the top three running backs.....((picking up a second in return)) and drafting this kid....

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