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MN State High School Hockey Tourney


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Starting Wednesday, the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament fires up at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. In Class A, Virgina-Mountain Iron-Buhl is making their first trip ever to the State Tournament, while in AA, Moorhead has got to be one of the favorites to win it. Here's the breakdown for the quarterfinals.


Class A - Wednesday, March 2.


Virginia-Mountain Iron-Buhl v St. Thomas Academy

Warroad v Albert Lea

Shakopee v Totino-Grace

Little Falls v Duluth Marshall


Class AA - Thursday, March 3

Duluth East v White Bear Lake

Moorhead v Rochester Century

Bloomington Jefferson v Holy Angels

Elk River v Tartan


As for who I'd like to see win, I always cheer for the northern schools first. That being said, I would love to see Virginia make a nice run in their first tourny ever, but I think they're going to get bounced by Warroad in the semis. I wouldn't mind seeing either Virginia or Warroad win the Class A championship though.


As for the big schools, I obviously will be pulling for Moorhead, and maybe somewhat begrudingly for Duluth East (old rivalries die hard). I would like to see Tartan do better this year though, as that's the HS team of my new hometown, and this is probably the last year they'll have a solid team due to graduation.


Any one else feel free to weigh in with your thoughts, etc.


BTW, I'll be at the AA 3rd place and championship games this year. A buddy of mine got tickets, so I'm pumped and ready to see some live hockey again.


Link to the tourney brackets

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In case anybody cares:


Class A quaterfinal winners were St. Thomas Academy, Warroad, Totino Grace, and Duluth Marshall. Semi final games are now:


St. Thomas Academy v Warroad (should be a real good game)

Totino Grace v Marshall - should be another good one.


Pretty much all the quarterfinal games ended up as blowouts.


As for the big schools going on today - with 2:24 left in the 1st period, White Bear Lake and Duluth East are tied 1-1. East scored 0:29 into the game, and WBL tied it with a shorthanded goal at 11:53 in the first. Listening to the game on streaming radio, sounds like a lot of good chances for both teams. Too bad work is intruding on the day. :D


Edit to add: WBL scored at 1:28 into the 2nd for a 2-1 lead.


Edited again: in the 3rd period, East scored 2 goals on 2 shots to take a 3-2 lead, with 10:57 to go.


Final edit: It's all over, Duluth East wins 3-2, in what is considered an upset. As for White Bear Lake, 17 years in the State Tournament, and they have never won a first round game.


One heck of a game to listen to on the radio, wish I could have seen this one.

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4:37 left in the 1st period, Moorhead leads Rochester Century 1-0


Edit to add: Late in the 2nd period, Moorhead scores again to make it 2-0. The game itself just doesn't sound as exciting as the DE-WBL game.


Final edit: Final score is Moorhead 3, ROchester Century 0. Tomorrows semi-final game between Moorhead and Duluth East should be a good one.

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I'm from Minnesota and I don't like hockey. Am I strange or what? :D


Ima wrestlin fan. My kids were very good wrestlers once upon a time. There's a kid out there right now who should be joining his brother as a 5 time state champion two years from now. My kids have both wrestled him, my oldest being the same age and the younger wrestling him while he was 3 years younger. My oldest just about beat that kid the last time they wrestled each other. Now they aren't even close to being the same size anymore.

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I heard that Warroad was led by an 8th grader in their first tourney game.  He was the player of the game.  The kid scored 2 goals.  Simply amazing.






That was Saint Thomas Academy who's leading scorer is an 8th grader. Warroad beat them 4-0 in their semifinal game.

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Other semifinal games tonight:


Currently going on , Totino-Grace leads Duluth Marshall 1-0 in the 2nd.


In Class AA tonight, the first game is Duluth East v. Moorhead.

The second game has Holy Angels vs. Tartan.


I'm from Minnesota and I don't like hockey. Am I strange or what?

Not so strange as me being as big a hockey fan as I am, but I never played the game. Oh, I can skate just fine, but stopping is a little tricky. That's why I played basketball when I was kid. At least I could run and stop without having to hit the boards.

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Updates for todays championship round games.


Class A - 3rd place game is Saint Thomas Academy vs. Duluth Marshall

Class A Championship game is Warroad vs. Totino-Grace.


I'd have to pick STA for winning 3rd, and Warroad for the champhionship.


Class AA 3rd place game is Duluth East vs Tartan

Class AA Championship game is Holy Angels vs. Moorhead


I'm prediciting Tartan beating East, as East is getting outshot in this tournament by a factor of like 4 to one.


For the championship game, I'm predicting Moorhead will break it's curse of losing championship games (5 in all) and will defeat Holy Angels in a 1 goal game.


Of course, I missed the playoffs in 2 of my 3 FF leagues last season too, so take my predicitions for whatever they're worth.

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