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Keeper League Dilemma

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I have R Moss, Porter, and Jordan in my keeper league (not when the season started). So now I have all these guys on one team.


The rest of my team is Wayne, Drew Bennett, E James, and Droughns.


Today I was offered D McAllister and Darrell Jackson for Jordan and Wayne. Should I pull the trigger? :D

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I'd do it. Deuce is poised to be back in the top 5-8 RBs in the league this year, and too many balls flying around in Indy. D.Jackson drops passes, and doesn't play to his potential, but he's still Hasselbeck's #1 option, on a good offense that just re-signed everyone. Try and change the trade to L.Jordan and J.Porter (instead of Wayne), but if you can't, I'd still pull the trigger. JMO

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