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Early TD projection someone?


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I know, projecting TDs isn't so easy, but I have to do it year in and year out as I play in a dynasty league, that only scores TDs! We get some bonus points for the length of TDs, but basically it's a TD-omly league.


Beyond I listed some players in our league, some are on my roster, some are free agents, available in our upcoming FA-draft. I would like to see some TD-projection from you guys too, though not a ranking by any means. Just do it and establish it! It's fun! :D



Brian Griese: 20-22 TD , he should do well if he is the clear starter and if he stays healthy

Miami QB: 18-20 TD , whoever starts for the fish will have a bad o-line but good receivers and probably a good back

Matt Hasselbeck: 21-23 TD , what you saw last year is what you will get the next years, who catches the *** ball

Carson Palmer: 21-23 TD , looked promising and T.J. stays, has great talent around him, upside

Kurt Warner: 20-24 TD , if he starts, he has some upside, has great receivers, a good o-line, should have a good back

Rex Grossman: 17-19 TD , I don't see Muhammad making him a breakout QB

Kyle Boller: 20-24 TD , gut feeling, this guy could come around this year, concern ist the D, they just signed S.Rolle, so why should they throw the ball a lot



Steven Jackson: 9-11 TD , Faulk will eat some TD though, can he stay healthy

Lamont Jordan: 7-10 TD , somewhat unproven and Crockett gets some goalline duty

Kevin Jones: 7-8 TD , Mooche never had a back with more than 8 rushing or 10 total TDs, KJ didn't have enough goalline carries last season (only 6)

Chris Brown: 6-9 TDs , only 7 goalline carries last season, huge injury concerns, whom will the Titans draft or sign as backup, but unlimited upside

Kevan Barlow: 6-9 TD , will he start, will he play through injuries, does he have the heart



Nate Burleson: 8-10 TD , doesn't have the speed but runs great routes and is the #1 WR, at least for now

Keary Colbert: 5-7 TD , is the #2 WR for now and has every chance to break out

Muhsin Muhammad: 7-9 TD , the Bears will cut his TD production, but still a good WR

Andre Johnson: 7-9 TD , I'm still concerned about the playcalling and the lack of #2 WR, unlimited upside

Larry Fitzgerald: 7-9 TD , if Boldin stays, he won't get more than 8 TD I guess

Chris Chambers: 6-9 TD , tough to project, who is their QB, will o-line improve, who's their RB

Charles Rogers: 5-7 TD , if he is their #1 WR and he gets healthy give him 1-2 more TD

Koren Robinson: 3-5 TD , no comment

Darius Watts: 3-5 TD , this guy has some upside, but limited if R.Smith stays for another 1-2 years

David Boston: ??? I have no clue

Brandon Stokley: 5-7 TD , I doubt he can repeat what he did last season



Randy McMichael: 3-5 TD , I don't know if he gets re-signed, but he should be a solid TE

Dallas Clark: 6-7 TD , starts for the best offense in the NFL, light injury concerns

Ben Troupe: 6-7 TD , looked really good in November and December, will he be the next Wycheck

Jermaine Wiggins: 3-4 TD , Kleinsasser will get some TD too

Jeb Putzier: 4-6 TD . I like Pennington throwing to him in the endzone

Eric Johnson: 2-4 TD , hmmm...

Chris Cooley: 4-6 TD , if this offense keeps losing WRs, who the hell will Ramsey throw the *** ball to, this guy has upside


Any input greatly appreciated! :D

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If Tampa struggles, Simms is in.

Miami will musical QB all season with Frerotte and Feely.

Hasselbeck+new contract=more comfortable. I say he is the best bet follwed by Palmer (both 25-30). The rest aren't worth mentioning.


Eww. No RB stud. I think Jones will get the most TDs (8-12) follwed by Jackson. Oak will be behind so much with that D. Shootouts=no rushing TDsfor Jordan.


Burleson no speed? He's a burner. He'll get at least 9 TDs. But Johnson is the stud here. One more year with Carr=13+ TDs.


TEs who cares? But Cooley will get at least 8 TDs this year.

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