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Ty Law visits Steelers...

Pigskin Junkie

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havent heard anything about it..i do know that he grew up in pennsylvania....some place called alquipa(sp?)...something like that...dont know how far that is from pittsburgh







Aliquippa is about a half-hour from here.


It doesn't seem like the Steelers would have enough room under the salary cap to pay "Ty Law type" money.... Maybe he would take a little less to come back to Pittsburgh area for family reasons...?? :D

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I caught the tail end of a radio show today where the DJ mentioned that Ty Law made a visit to Pittsburgh today...  Has anyone seen anything out there that would confirm this?








I havent heard anything about this. I just checked the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and no news in there about it. If he was visiting the Steelers the press here would be all over it especially with him being a hometown guy. I am guessing that he came home to visit his family.


If I hear anything on this I will post it.

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