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Eagles Homers - JR Reed Injured


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From the philadelphiaeagles.com web site...what in the WORLD was this guy thinking?!?!? :D:D


Reed Suffers Serious Injury


March 10, 2005



In shocking news, the career of Eagles safety J.R. Reed is suddenly at a very serious point. A non-football-related injury has him recovering from a nasty injury.

Reed suffered a laceration to the back of his knee on February 22 while jumping over a fence near his home in Tampa, FL. The injury includes damage to the peroneal nerve, which affects the use of his lower leg and foot.


Reed underwent exploratory surgery on Tuesday, March 1 by Dr. Tom Graham in Baltimore, MD. He is currently under the care of Dr. Graham and all rehabilitation for this injury will take place under Dr. Graham's direction.


Reed, the Eagles' fourth- round draft choice in 2004 out of South Florida, returned 33 kickoffs for a 23.1 yard average last season. He also saw limited action at safety, recording 17 tackles.


"I feel terrible for J.R.," said head coach Andy Reid. "He's worked his entire life to try to make it this far. And to have a major setback like this occur in such a freak circumstance is awful. Knowing J.R., he'll continue to work hard to try and make it back on the field."


Said Reed, "I was trying to jump over a fence, but unfortunately, I got caught on top of that fence and cut my leg. It's a bad situation, but I'm going to be very positive about it going forward. I'm in the process of trying to get my leg working again. I believe in Dr. Graham and I believe in myself that I will get better."

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