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Proposed Trade


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A guy in my 12 team dynasty league recently offered me this trade:


Lt and my #5 pick in the draft


Lamont Jordan and his #2 pick.


Here's my dynasty team:

QB - T Green / K Collins / McCown

RB - LT / Chris Brown / TJ Duckett / R Anderson

WR - Horn / Holt / Burleson / D Bennett / D Branch / J Gaffney

TE - T Gonzalez / J Witten


I would like to get Jordan but definitely not for LT.

So I'm thinking of going with an offer to switch Brown in place of LT in the trade offer:


Chris Brown and my #5 pick in the draft


Lamont Jordan and his #2 pick


How does that look? Does it look pretty fair? I think Jordan might have more upside to him than Brown does.

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Is that the #2 and #5 OVERALL picks? Or 2nd and 5th round picks? Either way, you're right in your thinking that LT must remain on your team. Especially in a dynasty format. Substituting Brown definitely makes it more fair, but somehow I doubt he'll do it, given Brown's proclivity to injuries and with Jordan now a feature back on an improved offense.

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Well instead of making this a bash fest...








Indeed ... Keep LT ... may have to sweeten it with another set of draft position swaps in order to make it enticing for him -- here's hoping he's more sold on CBrown's potential than most ...

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Why is everyone beating you over the head about LT2? You laready said you would not trade him! :D


Now, as far as your question, if he is stupid enough to trade Jordan for Brown, AND drop 3 rounds (spots?) in the draft, by all means. Brown lost half his O line. He has a known durability problem, and the Tiatans will suck this year. They will be throwing alot, being behind in most games.


The Raiders might also be airing it out though, unless they do something about that defense. The upside is Turner likes those short dump offs to the RB, and Jordan will benefit, he's a good reciever out of the backfield. If I were the guy that had Jordan, and you wanted him, you would have to give me a second, with no return pick. If he offered Jordan for LT, what makes you think he's go for Brown as a sub, same trade? I think he'll laugh at you! Of course, his initial offer was just as silly.


I would consider LT for Jordan and a 1.1 thru 1.4 pick in the rookie draft though, but only because it's a dynasty league. I'd probably insist on some other compensation as well, but not knowing how your league works, I cant say what. In My league, I'd want some Dubloons....what we use to bid on restricted and unrestricted free agents.

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