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Fantasy Basketball adds/drops


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I have one slot slated to switch in a different guy every day... I'm WAY under the "maximum games played" pace, and can afford to do this. In fact, I'm so under that I might even drop Hart (with Knight back) to give myself TWO slots to do this with.


I have compiled a running list of players that I will be looking at over the next few weeks for this "flex" spot. If anyone's in a BIG league (whereby you'd probably have some "random" players on your team) that can recommend a "no name" player that's been doing well for you lately, I'd appreciate the heads-up. Alternately, if there's someone on your league's waiver wire that you've been eyeing, please let me know. Here's my current list, with some notes:


1. Telfair: While not currently available on the wire, I think he might get dropped. He could help in my assist total, and Portland will be playing their young budding stars.


2. F. Jones: He's available, and starting with Tinsley (still) out. I need assists.


3. McLeod: The Utah situation is ugly, but the guy plays point and can get assists and 10-12 points.


4. Brunson: Another non-scoring PG, but like I said, I could use the assists.


5. McDyess: Is Wallace out still? He plays 20-25 minutes a game and I could use blocks and boards.


6. Cardinal: He's not available, and I should have jumped on him. If he has a string of bad games, he could get dropped and I may jump on him for a game or 2.


7. Okur: He's getting some decent points/boards and I need blocks.


8. LaFrentz: I need blocks, but he's only getting 20 minutes a game, isn't scoring OR blocking shots.


9. Turkoglu: He's once again on fire. In fact, I may wait until midnight and drop Pryzbilla (who I picked up for tomorrow) for him... since he'll be playing his old team, Sacramento on Tuesday.


10. Ridnour: Getting assists again. Need assists.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If Jameer Nelson is still available he would e m number one target as would Lorenzen Wright. I llok for them to finish the season strong.


Check out my crew, I'm in first again.








I have Nelson already. He's been solid.


Your team is pretty good! Wade + Kobe... nice...


I will take a look at Wright. I don't think he's available, though.

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I think your best "available" options are Dyess and Okur.


Brunson, Jaric back shortly will cut into is minutes big time.  Is Jaric available?








Yeah Jaric isn't available. I will definitely look at Okur. And remember, I'm thinking about guys to play ONE game for me, as I now have TWO open slots where I'll rotate 2 guys in each day. I'm WAY under my max games pace and can catch up to first place (guy in first is WAY OVER his pace).

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