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Rudi's Franchise Tag Swiped


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OK, I admit it. I am excited this morning about this.


If you were (to care to) look at my past posts on this board, you'd see me say either I think Rudi would be gone, or I think Rudi [/i]ought to be gone, since I didn't think the Bengals should wrap up this much $$ in the offense. But now that it's done, I find myself smilin'.


As a Bengals fan, you have to be excited as h.ll about this offensive potential of this team. Carson, Chad, Rudi, and TJ are all signed for at least 4 more years! They've got some very good young offensive lineman (who they'll need to re-sign in the next year or two)


I think that perhaps in another year, this offense will be a top 5 for sure.


OK, there is also defense. Still much to be done, but there's no doubt that this draft is very DEF heavy (except for an C/OG in Round 2 or 3). That't how Marvin always built his DEF in the past, through the draft.


Special teams, another key, has vastly improved over the last two years as well. Shayne Graham is quietly one of the better kickers in the league, IMO. They've got a pretty good punter, and lots of fast guys for the coverage teams (MANY of whom were on IR last year)


I've never wavered as a Bengals fan through all the dark years. I think we've seen the light in the past couple, and I think even better years are coming SOON!

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I think the price is right. I still like the idea of a more complete back, but Rudi is a solid guy. IF they stay healthy, like Bengal Mania, I really like this offense as well.


Hopefully those young guys on defense mature a bit this year. They have to get into the top half of the league in defense if they're to get in the postseason. But, I wouldn't be suprised if the Bengals went WR in round one or 2 as well as grabbing a center in round 2 or 3. They need someone with speed because their WRs other than CJ aren't very fast.


I think they're counting on the defense to mature a bit since it was so loaded with young guys last year. The only other position I think they could take in round one is a DE if not a WR.

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