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The first pick in the draft...


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The cool thing about this year is that we don't know a month ahead of time who the first pick will be. I honestly have no idea who the niners will take between Smith, Rodgers, or Braylon Edwards.


I know one of the big 3 RB's is out of the question because the 49ers just paid Kevan Barlow a 6.5 Million roster bonus this week.


My gut feeling is they can't decide between the two QB's and draft Edwards.


Anybody got any predictions??

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They were very impressed with Smith. However, Smith was a 'shotgun' QB and Rogers knows their system and I believe he is their first choice especially in light of the below.

From Fanball:


"49ers: Rodgers impresses Nolan, Saban, and scouts

The News

One day after Utah quarterback Alex Smith received a loud ovation from coaches and scouts at his pro day workout, California signal caller Aaron Rodgers drew a similar reaction at his own workout. "He did extremely well," 49ers' head coach Mike Nolan told the Mercury News. "He's very accurate and has a very strong arm. Just by what I have seen on film and watching him out here today, Aaron is about as polished a quarterback as I've seen." The 49ers hold the first overall pick in next month's draft.

Our View

Browns' officials probably didn't sleep very well on Thursday night because they are hoping to select Smith or Rodgers with their No. 3 overall pick. However, the impressive workouts of both players has caught the attention of Dolphins' head coach Nick Saban, who holds the No. 2 overall pick. If the Niners and Dolphins both select quarterbacks, the Browns would be forced to alter their first-round draft plans."

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CALIFORNIA (March 17th) junior quarterback AARON RODGERS threw passes two a pair of receivers and one tight end... scripted and led by his college head coach Jeff Tedford... threw all of the routes... did 3-5-7 step drops... rollouts and also threw several deep balls, as well... had only one mis-fired pass, as well as three drops... very crisply thrown ball... showed off his quick release... good mobility throughout his workout... his accuracy was solid and there was plenty of zip on his routes... "Of the two (Alex Smith) the one thing that stands out to me with him (Rodgers) would be his release", said one AFC quarterback coach... "From top to bottom that was a very strong workout... liked the velocity on his passes... very accurate and throws with good touch on his deep ball", explained one NFC evaluator... previously weighed in at 6022, 223 pounds at the Combine... has been timed between 4.71 and 4.78 in the 40... 34.5" vertical... 9'8" broad jump... 4.52 short shuttle... 7.38 three-cone... expects to take a few private visits between now and the draft.


UTAH (March 16th) junior ALEX SMITH, whose workout was reviewed in our previous edition, worked out for scouts/coaches on Wednesday... since scouts/coaches have been given a few days to review that information and the tapes of the event... we were able to receive a few additional thoughts on the workout... while they differ some from the first report we should also point out that we made mention of that fact upon first reporting his results... "This is why (I) like to evaluate the quarterbacks at the Combine... because we are in control of the workout, and it is not so scripted... here's what I mean... a lot of the deeper routes he threw... receivers were not going at full-speed... so he put a lot of air under the ball, throwing them high and the receivers came back to catch some of them... so of course you hear that he had only three hit the ground and one dropped... but in game situations if he throws the ball like that it will get intercepted or knocked down"... "His deep outs and some of the crossing patterns had good, but not great velocity on the throws... his release has a bit of a windup to it... nothing too bad... but slower than the other kid (Aaron Rodgers)... and he was slow, not mechanical, but slow on his seven step drops... keeps his left shoulder open so he can see the backside, but he does not get back to his point fast enough"... "You might need to get him more reps so that he will keep the ball high coming back from center... might tend to let it drop lower, which will elongate his release... like his intangibles... there's a good to very good NFL quarterback in there, but he's not a finished product in my opinion"... "Oh, one final note, while it has been widely circulated that he received a standing ovation after the workout, all of the people in attendance were already standing through the workout, but you know how people like to spin things".

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MICHIGAN (March 18th) senior wide receiver BRAYLON EDWARDS ran between 4.42 and 4.45 in the 40... 38" vertical... 4.02 short shuttle... 6.83 three-cone... weighed in at 6027, 210 pounds... caught all of the balls thrown his way... ran crisp routes and caught the ball with his hands... most felt he had posted the kind of workout necessary to give himself a shot to be taken in the Top-3 picks if not #1 overall... had lunch and spent part of the afternoon with Nick Saban and Rick Spielman of the Dolphins, earlier met with members of the 49ers and head coach Lovie Smith of the Bears... "(He) gave us what we came to see today... that was a very impressive workout... very good (numbers) on the 40... then went out and caught the ball with precision... (I) gotta think he's put himself right up there among the top guys", according to one NFL scouting director... senior defensive back MARLIN JACKSON ran between 4.43 and 4.49 in the 40... which was a big improvement from the 4.6 range times he posted at the Combine... weighed in at 6007, 194 pounds... also did very well in his positional drills... many felt he looked sharp in those drills at the Combine, as well... being evaluated at both cornerback and safety... junior safety ERNEST SHAZOR ran between 4.61 and 4.71 in the 40... his times varied among the watches... but he seemed to pull up on his second 40-time and opted not to continue with the rest of the drills... while he was obviously upset by his times... there were a number of scouts/teams more upset with his inability to put that behind him... a true medical examination and determination if he could have done the rest of his workout might be his only saving grace... senior offensive lineman DAVID BAAS did only positional drills, but looked very sharp and continues to be evaluated as both a center and guard.

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