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Hartwell ..a Falcon!


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Wow, this is a great move for them. After moving Brooking to the outside and Chris Draft having such a poor season in the middle, Hartwell will vastly improve this already formidable defense.



Again, good move on a young quality LB.

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Where does this leave Ike Reese? Young LB that the Falcons got from Philly? He was a special teamer mostly, but still racked up some good tackle and assist numbers. Who will the starting LB's be in Atlanta's 3-4 D now? Brooking, Hartwell, and who else?

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I thought Atlanta was going to a 3-4 this year....that's why they are signing so many LB's, like Reese from Philly?







They just switched back to a 4-3 last year I think. They have no intentions of playing a 3-4. That was a nightmare.


Radio here in ATL says that Resse was signed to play special teams and was promised a chance to compete for a starting position. They didn;t have a lot of cap room, so they had to try to make a splash with limited funds. Getting one of the best special teamers in the league is a pretty good way to do that.


Hartwell would be a great signing for the Falcons if this turns out to be true.

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Done deal....Hartwell is a Falcon, in a 4-3 D. He will play the middle, with Brooking on one side, and possibly Williams on the other. Looks like Draft got the shaft.









Draft deserved the shaft. He sucked last year. This is a hugh upgrade.


I had no idea they spent that kind of money on him though! The Falcons seem to overpay for a lot of their players. Brooking, Dunn, Price, and now Hartwell. Do they just get played by agents or is Hartwell really worth this much?

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