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Consensus Draft Pick 1.3


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1. San Francisco - QB Aaron Rodgers (California)

2. Miami - RB Ronnie Brown (Auburn)

3. Cleveland - QB Alex Smith (Utah)

4. Chicago

5. Tampa Bay

6. Tennessee

7. Minnesota (from Oakland)

8. Arizona

9. Washington

10. Detroit

11. Dallas

12. San Diego (from N.Y. Giants)

13. Houston

14. Carolina

15. Kansas City

16. New Orleans

17. Cincinnati

18. Minnesota

19. St. Louis

20. Dallas (from Buffalo)

21. Jacksonville

22. Baltimore

23. Seattle

24. Green Bay

25. Denver

26. N.Y. Jets

27. Atlanta

28. San Diego

29. Indianapolis

30. Pittsburgh

31. Philadelphia

32. New England

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Neither Crenell (New England) nor Savage (Baltimore) won their Super Bowls with highly drafted QB. I don't see the Browns going this way either.


If they can't trade down, they take the LB from Texas, Derrick Johnson

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who did this? Kevin is right, the Browns will not take a QB at the 3 spot. Savage needs new blood to run his 3-4...they don't think either QB is worthy of a top 3 pick. Savage's run at drafting the offensive side of the ball in high rounds has been, well, offensive. Except for Heap and Lewis...Derrick Johnson it is...

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While I hope Cleveland takes Alex Smith, which would let DJ him slip to Minnesota, maybe, I feel they will take D Johnson LB Texas. Crenell is going to use him to make the switch to the 3-4 defense. He knows defense wins championships and he can draft a Brady in the 4th round.

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