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Drafting for 1 Bye-Week Strategy?

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I brought this up in another thread, and it is a valid strategy that I have seen used to great success before, especially if some quality backups are found that fill in well for the one bye week.


The general principle of the strategy is that it is better to be at a very weak state for one week and at full strength every other week compare to being at least a starter short or more for several weeks.

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I wouldn't want to risk it knowing that there is a good chance I'd lose that week. There are not enough weeks in the season to just decide it's ok to tank it. It's not fantasy base ball where it goes on forever. One loss could be the difference bewteen going to the playoffs or not. Personally, it sounds like a bad idea to me.

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A couple years ago I defended the idea of ignoring bye weeks when drafting due to best available player drafting.

My basis for defending the ignoring bye weeks strategy was born due to finishing the previous year in my local redraft 11-3. One of the three losses was the week I had 4 starters on bye. It was nice to know I didn't have to worry every week about who to start. No way to know if this was a fluke or a valid strategy because I've never actively attempted it again nor have had that many starters with the same bye.

However, it's very difficult to go into a draft with the intent of picking players with the same bye week. Try a couple mocks that way and you'll see what I mean.

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I'd be more inclined to roll with that strategy if the common bye week was late in the season, versus early. That would give more time to build better depth via free agency, or perhaps trade around the problem. Because even if my studs are taking the week off, I'm still going to try and stitch together a somewhat competitive squad from the trash heap to eek out a win during that bye week, if I can. A later bye week gives me more time to build that depth.

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I think it sounds like a good idea and could work but i would find it very hard to draft a team entirely off of four teams. I mean look at your options


Week 3 - Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Washington

Week 4 - Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Pittsburgh

Week 5 - Kansas City, Minnesota, N.Y. Giants, Oakland

Week 6 - Arizona, Green Bay, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Week 7 - Carolina, Jacksonville, New England, Tampa Bay

Week 8 - Atlanta, Indianapolis, N.Y. Jets, Seattle

Week 9 - Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis

Week 10 - Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Diego, Tennessee



The only weeks you could make a competitive team out of would be weeks 8. 9. and 10 and possibly week 10.


But at the same time good luck drafting week 8 for example


QB - Peyton Manning

RB - Shawn Alexander

RB - E. James

WR - Marvin Harrison

WR - D. Jackson

WR - L. Coles

TE - Alge Crumpler

K - Vanderjack

DEF - Atlanta


Well now that I actually type this out it could work. With C. Martin and W. Dunn as alternatives for RB, M. Vick for QB (which is good or bad depending on who you ask, which if you ask me is bad!) R. Wayne for WR and um, well, did i mention R. Wayne? Pollard for TE and possibly Indy or N.Y for Defense.


So I guess its possible but would be extremely difficult and I think you would miss out on some real value picks throughout the draft.



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I did see the results of a study using this strategy and statisticaly it came out on top,however as oters have mentioned, it would be difficult to draft with this philosophy.You would miss some good opportunities and you must factor in injuries that may and will occur.If enough occur then your strategy is shot to he!! along with your season.mbb

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Same sort of thing that most overweight the 'risk' of having too many players from the same team.


Statistically, there is as little correlation between the production of WR1 and RB1 on the same team as there is between WR1 and RB1 from different teams; there is as little correlation between QB1 and RB1 on the same teams as there is between QB1 and RB1 from different teams; there is as little correlation between the production of QB1 and WR2 on the same team as there is between QB1 and WR2 from different teams.


Meaning, if you end up with Hasslebeck and SAlexander on your team, don't sweat it. If you end up with Mark Bulger and Isaac Bruce, don't sweat it. If you end up with AGreen and JWalker, don't sweat it.

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I dont see it being a problem but at the same time I wouldnt going into the draft with a game plan of drafting a team with the same bye week. If the best players fall to you and they happen to have the same bye week then fine. But dont make it a point to draft a team based on having the same bye week.

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I have rarely looked at bye weeks while drafting. Take the best available. Injuries, some break out player, etc. usually happens so you pick up players to fill your bye week when it comes.







This is nearly exactly my strategy (or lack thereof) when it comes to bye weeks. I completly ignore it. The only time I've ever paid attention was when I played in a league that had negative D points, so rules forced you to carry two D's w/different byes. Heck, I've even deliberately neglected filling out the roster to cover for a K or D on bye if the scoring dictates (in those leagues there was no bonus for longer kicks, so a 10-pt week was great for a K, and the D's only scored pick/FR for TD's - no spec teams TD's, yards or tackles and sacks and picks were only 1/2-pt ea) and I didn't want to drop any bench players. I certainly can understand the folks that don't want to "throw in the towel" for one week, but I'd rather be full or nearly so all weeks and not have to worry about covering for RB1, then RB2, then QB1, then WR1, then WR2 in five consecutive weeks. Like I said, I really just completely ignore it with the possible exception of getting a RB3 with a different bye than the first two.

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I am in a full keeper league that can start 3 RBs. I have Portis, Lewis, and D Davis. I'll happily take the loss in week 3 and just try to find a fill in like K Faulk and a goal line back or something.

A few years back I started a draft by having R Moss and LT on the same bye week. I then started avoiding a couple of players that I wanted, like C Johnson in his breakout year, that I could have had. I lost that week anyway..


I can't see how you can have the purposeful strategy of picking the same bye week guys because you'll have to take a weaker player at some points. At the same time, I wouldn't avoid a the best player available either just because of the bye.

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IMHO i only look at bye weeks when it comes to kickers and mybe def-since most kickers are about equal i only carry 1-i try to get a kicker with a late bye week-wk 8-9-10 this way i don't worry about that positon for most of the season-also do this with def-if possible----

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For what it's worth, I'm in the Huddle Mock#7 right now and a realistic opportunity to employ the single bye week strategy presented itself pretty nicely.

I have the 3rd overall pick and based on actual picks by other owners this is how it could've very easily gone down.



Manning(bye week 8)

SA (my pick bye week 8)

Edge(bye week 8)



2.10 Curtis Martin and Marvin Harrison(both bye week 8) are the highest ranked available players at their respective positions.


3.03 If you went RB at 2.10 then you might consider Wayne(bye week 8). Walker, Horn, Wayne all available there and are the next 3 highest ranked WRs.


4.10 Could quite possibly be looking at Dunn and Coles(both bye week 8) as best available at their respective positions.


I'll update as it goes.

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