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Lee Suggs or M.Bennett

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I have no keeper RBs on my team and will make a low level trade to acquire one of these two RBBC members.


How do you see the season playing out for both? Which is the best of the worst?


I would be giving up P.Burress by the way.



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If you need a RB more than a WR I would have no problem giving up Burress for Bennett. I wouldn't consider Suggs though. When Bennett's healthy he's always a homerun threat.







Agree. At this point I think the higher upside is Bennett. Suggs may end up the #1 RB but will split carries all day with Droughns.

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Our keeper league rules last year stipulated that owners must keep four players, and only four players, drafted AFTER the third round.


After making moves to help my playoff push, I was left with the following keepers (i have others to choose from...but these are the four best):





Ravens D


The following RBs were taken in rounds four and beyond last year and will NOT be available in our redraft this year:













I have the 10th pick this year in the first round. The usual RB suspsects will be available in the first two rounds - S.Alex, P.Holmes, LT, Deuce, DD, etc. I predict at 10, I will have the choice of Rudi, A.Green, Tiki, C.Mart, maybe Portis, as my #1RB.


I thought it would be best to have an RB on my keeper squad (even if it was Suggs or Bennett) so I would not feel so pressured to use my first two picks on RBs.


Based on feedback..the consensus seems to favor either keeping Plax or trading for Bennett.


I will add that I currenty have a deal on the table for suggs and Plax.



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Tough call. Burress has alot of talent, but then again, so does Koren Robinson. Burress could be a pleasant surprise this season, but personally, I don't see him blossoming just because he signed a high dollar contract - so did Peerless Price. Eli Manning has talent, and Burress will have Amani Toomer opposite him so the pressure to produce as a #1 WR is not a factor here. Guess it just comes down to what your gut says.

If you trade for a RB, you will more than likely draft RB/WR on picks 10 and 11. That means you'll be looking at Barlow, Toefield, Bettis type RB's as your back-up to Bennett/Suggs and whoever you land with pick 10 (Jamal, Rudi, Martin, AGreen). Can you live with this?


Not sure how the WR situation pans out in your league, but perhaps drafting RB/RB and making the trade would be your best option. That would solidfy your RB corps (having Bennett as your back-up), and then you can go on the hunt for your wide-outs.


Either way, I think you need to give considerable thought to RB/RB with your first two picks.



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The Baltimore D averaged 20pts per game last season -about 15-20% of my teams weekly output. The Ds that will be available if I cut the Ravens will average about 10-15 pts per game and have little to no chance for a 20+ point game. As it is, I have no RB keepers and need sure points on my team - Walker, Heap, and the Ravens D are sure things to put up points.


While I could play Defense by committee, selecting the DST that plays the worst offense each week, I prefer the security of the Ravens D anchoring the end of my scoreboard, locking up 15-30 pts per game. That D makes up for a lot of sins elsewhere in a lineup.

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Man, I wouldn't worry at all about cutting Burress. I REALLY don't like the guy this year. Every year, people get tempted by newly-acquired FA WR, and nearly every year, they disappoint. Only top-shelf wideouts seem to transition well to a new team. Price in ATL, Morton in KC, and now Burress in NY. I could be wrong, but you have a second-year QB, throwing to a new WR who has done nothing really in his career yet. He put together a string of 4-5 productive games last year, IMO, because of that great running attack of the Steelers (I'm sure I don't have to 'splain this comment but I will if you'd like). I would see if I could do the Burress for Bennett deal, but I'd really rather have Suggs over Burress too. I like the rest of your keepers OK, as you have to assume they take the place of your round 5-9 draft for everyone. In that assumption, you have really good values in Walker, Heap (if healthy) and even the Ravens D. I don't think Bennett or even Suggs is out of line for an 8th round choice. I wouldn't be really down on it if I were you.

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Here are the folks on my roster right now..keep in mind I dumped all my non keeper studs (manning, RMoss, S.Alex, AGreen) after the last game and picked up potential keepers that were on the waiver wire (it was slim pickins):













Ravens DST


I have a deal on the table right now where I give up Plax for Lee Suggs. My thinking was I would have a flex RB with upside who would produce similar or better numbers than Plax. I also believe Plax is as big a risk as Suggs. Only problem is...Plax will not be replaced by R.Droughns. There is zero risk he loses his job.


What do you think?


I can only keep four of these guys.

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