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Menudo's 2005 NFL Predictinos

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Wow, another one of those Patriots fans.  Where were all of you guys 10 years ago..... ?    :D







I was sitting in Foxboro in a lousy stadium, watching a lousy team, with my Steve Grogan Jersey on...and proud of it. :D


Until somebody beats them in a meaningful game.....gotta go with the champs :D

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don't see Cincy being Div. champ...poss wildcard, but not Division!






I don't see Cincy as the division champ either. I have Baltimore at 12-4, and Cincy as the #1 wildcard at 10-6. I do think, in this scenario, that they are the best choice for the 1 wildcard team that wins a road game against a division winner in the playoffs.


I was very suprised teams like Seattle, KC, Oakland, Pit, and SD didn't finish higher, but that's how it came out. I just go game by game, week by week. The AFC West has a difficult schedule draw this year IMO. Facing the AFC and NFC East teams... lots of parity there. I have all those AFC West teams finishing 7-9 to 9-7.


Seattle has no picnic either facing the AFC South and NFC East as well as St Louis and improving Arizona. Again, a lot of parity there, and I have no reason to think they are so much improved that they can get the better of that schedule. I have them at 7-9 I think.

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