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I apologize for my actions awile ago....


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Well since you decided to accept responsibility for yer actions and admit you were wrong, you are clearly not a republican.  As such, I welcome you back with open arms.  I'm typing with one hand.







I'm a newbie. I meant welcome brack.

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I honestly didnt think we would see your whinning punk ass back here again, at least under the same moniker. But here you are, hat in hand, begging for more abuse to be heaped upon your woeful head. That tells me that you are some sort of masochist who enjoys being gang banged by dozens of anonymous men here at our Gloyhole called the Huddle. Well, I guess I will stick my schween in you too since you seem to appreciate a good ass pounding.


You showed your true colors in that hissy fit of a tirade that not even a pre-pubscent 4th grade girl would do. When things dont go just your way, you get all into your little girly man feelings and run away looking for your Mommies breast to suckle. You dont act like a man. So I am am curious as to why it is, unless you are some sort of latent pole smoking butt pirate, you want to hang around with men here? Doesnt Oprah have her own website you could go hang out at with people of extrmemely high estrogen levels like yourself? Help me understand why, based on your effiminent responses, you think that your behavior would lead anyone to think that you didnt have an extrememly domineering mother and an absent or abusive father.


I have seen some bizzare behavior here at the huddle in my tenure. I have seen people get into their feelings about stuff they shouldnt have. This is a message board for God sakes! I have seen fishing trips take some pretty perverted turns. But your complete over-reaction to the guy who owns this website locking a thread ranks right up there with the best of them. I am guessing you were a spoiled little brat who never cut the apron strings from your mother's womb. So, dont bring that weak shi@te in here again or we will call you on it.

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:D Only Policy drops knowledge Policy style.








Especially with his mock draft. :D




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  I have seen fishing trips take some pretty perverted turns. 






Not only have you seen some, you actually been a party to a great majority of them as well. :D



Good post Gators. Not to worry. UT will be back soon enough and your tirade will be forgotten

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Yes, welcome back...

now please take Chessboy away!








:D and also Don Vito :D

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