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Another, I know its early but.... post


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Alright, I know its early but I'm already pumped about this years fantasy football season.

I just made a trade to get the 3rd pick in our 12 man dynasty rookie draft. I used to have #5 but we swapped picks plus I gave him D Bennett.

Pretty sure the first two picks will be R. Brown(#1) and C. Williams(#2).

Now that leaves me with JJ Arrington and C Benson.

Which guy do you think I should take? I'm leaning towards Arrington because I've heard he's just in too good of a situation to pass up in Arizona. He's got a big and pretty good O-line and the system suits his style of play (at least thats what I've read). I don't know much about these guys because when it comes to college football, I pretty much have tunnel vision...I just like to watch the Badgers. Any input would be helpful.


We start:

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE

1 K

1 D


Here's our scoring:

QB - 6pts TD, 250 yds+ 5 pts ( plus 1 pt every 50 additional yards)

RB - 6pts TD, 100 yds+ 6pts ( plus 1 pt every 25 additional yards)

WR - 6pts TD, 75 yds+ 5pts ( plus 1 pt every 25 additional yards)

TE - 6 pts TD, 50 yds+ 5pts (plus 1 pt every 25 QQadditional yards)


And here's my team:


Collins, Kerry OAK

Green, Trent KCC

McCown, Josh ARI (going to cut)


Anderson, Richie (going to cut)

Brown, Chris TEN

Duckett, T.J. ATL

Dunn, Warrick ATL

Harris, Joey CAR (going to cut)

Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC


Branch, Deion NEP

Burleson, Nate MIN

Gaffney, Jabar HOU (going to cut)

Holt, Torry STL

Horn, Joe NOS


Gonzalez, Tony KCC


Brown, Kris HOU

Feely, Jay NYG


Falcons, Atlanta ATL

Panthers, Carolina CAR

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I like Arrington's situation, but think Benson's the better player & will have more long-term value ... I can see him sharing carries w/T. Jones early in the sason, but would still expect Benson to get the goal line work, which may improve his fantasy numbers in relation to his number of carries ... assuming of course, that CHI can get near the goal line with any frequency.


If I remember correctly, Arrington had a bit of a rep as a fumbler in college, and I've also read that he's not a very strong pass-blocker ... with the statue-like K. Warner at QB for ARI, that can't make D. Green too comfortable.


I'd probably take my chances with Benson.

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this is a dynasty league. arrington may perform better this year because he's in a better situation. but long term you've got to go with benson. look at the track record of running backs drafted in the top 5 of a draft. i think you'd be making a HUGE mistake to pass on benson.

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