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Ummmm, OK. So I'm over the draft, finally. They drafted a big man with HUGH UPSIDE. The kid's not gonna impact the team for another 2 years, if not 3, but OK... I'm cool with that.


But now this just makes no sense... they're gonna send Caron Butler off to Washington for Kwame Brown? In a word: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, let's talk Kwame Brown. A total stiff. Not a team player. Jordan and Collins kicked him to the curb. No work ethic. Tons of talent, and could potentially be a solid offensive threat, but that's assuming a lot. The first word on him coming to the Lakers was just as a pure FA, or for draft picks, or for vets and scrubs. Now Caron Butler's name is in the mix. If it were for scrubs, picks or just signing him as a FA, I'd be fine with him in purple and gold.


Now, Butler. I LOVE this guy. Great defender, great complement to Kobe. He can score if needed, but doesn't lose intensity if he's not the #1 or even #2 or #3 scorer. Great trio in him, Kobe and Odom. 3 guys that could bring the ball up, defend and score at SG/SF. Excellent passers and rebounders for their SG/SF position.


And the Lakers are going to send off one of their best young players that fits in the system for a BUSTED project with a ghetto attitude? Kupchak is a complete idiot. Like I said, signing Brown as a FA, fine. Getting him in a trade for picks or scrubs, fine. But we already have our big man project (Bynum). Why sacrifice the short and medium term for the very long term with two big men? Absolutely baffling.


I hate Mitch Kupchak. This has Benoit Benjamin for Doug Christie written all over it. :D

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Maybe Phil Jackson wanted him so he could show Jordan that Phil can develop talent. Maybe a little oneupsmanship.






:D I guess... it's still not official ... all but done though... :D

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Now pair Butler with Arenas and Jamison and a scrappy set up pretty good big men. That sounds like playoffs again to me.


Upside for Lakers is very risky. But Kwame has had a few 30 point 19 rebound nights and is a sick physical specimen with incredible ability when he is "on." He is also an immature idiot. Maybe Phil Jackson can do something with him?



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