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  1. davis for sure skins are pretty generous to te's
  2. got stacy & jennings and need to decide between rainey or cris johnson for a flex ..........if I lose i'm done ! thanks ahead ...,
  3. thanks ....,2nd round of playoff's, this won is a $$ game,alway's tend to over think chives when under a little pressure!!
  4. stafford or freeman denver @ balt det @ ariz thanks
  5. ridley has a tough match up, but every time I sit him he always gets about 80 yds and a td, I like hilton but I think houst is gonna come out and play MAD after a beat down !! out of the bunch I go with ridley...,I don't trust the rest.
  6. I know they say always your studs but ...freeman got a sweet match up and stafford's running out of recievers..............,
  7. ridley got a much tougher match up but he's not splitting carries,he gets the bulk of the carries, every time I've swapped out ridley with cj?k he got his yards and at least a td against good def's ,I'm not a so called expert but I like ridley to come thru as allways...
  8. got both of them ! p[icked up jennings last week !don't believe someone dropped him, but i'm going with cobb he is due! plus gets alot of targets , plus nelson hurt again,rather have jennings on my bench than someone elses
  9. I was hanging on to gates all season hoping he would come thru, so much for that dropping him today for rudolf or bennett , that's when he will get 2 td's
  10. for this week and rest of season, drafted garcon in the start , but after the foot thing I held on to him for a few weeks and dumped him for cobb , but he's looking solid now , steve johnson is a good reciever but I think washington has the better QB.........., thanks ahead
  11. definetly lewis, cant trust bennett ,a little banged up again, and olsen is'nt getting may red zone targets
  12. its just plain wrong, what if someone porked you like that ! then maybe you would'nt even have to ask .......,
  13. definetly dez , flip a coin between hilton and jackson
  14. cobb and shorts , I think all will get the same amount of catches but shorts has been on fire so very good shot at a TD and cobb has the better qb...,
  15. it's easy to get caught up in the flavor of the week crap !!