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  1. With Darin leaving the Great State of Minnesota for parts unknown, my circle of Huddle drinking buddies is dwindling. In an effort to boost the numbers I'll be touring various bars around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area over the next couple of weeks, answering your fantasy football questions and quaffing beer. The fun begins Tuesday, August 12 at The Mermaid in Mounds View. Christian Peterson, a fellow co-host of the Fantasy Football Weekly radio show on KFAN, and I will be at The Mermaid from 6 to 8 pm to answer questions, talk fantasy football, and drink beer--all courtesy of the good folks at KFAN and Bud Light. We're so optimistic we'll like it we've already scheduled a redux on Wednesday, August 13 at Two Stooges (I think it's in New Brighton; have to check my mapquest to be sure). Same bat time, same bat channel, same fantasy football brain trust, same gracious sponsors. We're also slated to do Bud Light/KFAN shows next Tuesday and Wednesday (the 19th and 20th), but the locations have yet to be revealed to us. And we didn't want to pry. Saturday, August 16 is a big event if you're into fantasy football and stuff, as we'll do a live broadcast of Fantasy Football Weekly from the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis, followed by the two-hour fantasy football training camp with extended discussions on topics like the offensive line, complete with my annual cheerleader pictures (I don't want to say they're JUM-worthy, but really... what has JUM done for you lately?). We'll also have an experts mock draft; you won't want to miss me going on in detail about how I crushed these so-called fellow experts in last year's mock. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that my all-play winning percentage for the season was north of 90 percent. But wait, there's more... Monday, August 18 I'll be hosting the fifth annual Tailgating with 2V at Tommy Chicago's in Mendota Heights. Fun begins at 6 pm. This is traditionally an alumni function for those of us who matriculated at St. John's University, but we've had interlopers before. If you're a Tommie, let us know so I can limit the number of big words I use. Tuesday, August 26 I'll head north to St. Cloud for the annual Fantasy Football Forum, a live broadcast on 1390 The Fan. Again this year we'll be at the Boulder Tap. Beer and live radio... what could possibly go wrong? Finally, on Saturday August 30 we'll be broadcasting Fantasy Football Weekly live from the Minnesota State Fair beginning at 10 am. They'll actually be doing the show live from the Fair on August 23, too, but I'm not scheduled for that show so why would you want to listen? If you're a Huddler and you make it out to one of these events, please come up and introduce yourself. If I have access to any Huddle (or Bud or KFAN) swag, I will bequeath it to you. I do have a stash of USA Today fantasy football magazines to hand out; don't be afraid to ask. And I'll have ADP sheets with some of my overvalued/undervalued guys highlighted, so there's that as well. Last year I believe Darin showed up at a couple of these gatherings, and Huddle beer guru Harley Shultz showed up for a couple as well. He's slated to be at the Pourhouse, so if you want to know everything there is to know about beer that's the event to hit. Case in point: Leinenkugel discontinued my all-time favorite beer, Autumn Gold, several years ago. I mentioned that to Harley, and off the top of his head he gave me three current beers that have a similar flavor. Dude is a beer savant, worth the price of admission all by himself. Hope to see you out and about! 2V