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  1. This is technically a rumor, but from a very reliable source. So, they decided bitters are now something that only they can carry. For the longest time, bitters was able to avoid liquor status provided it was bitter enough that you wouldn't just drink it by itself. Sort of like vanilla extract. That stuff is like 70 proof but you can buy it in grocery stores because it's way to gnarly to just have a glass of. So, no more bitters on the shelves...anywhere, actually because they've also decided to not bother carrying either all or virtually all of the bitters that were formerly available in the state. Basically, they seized all the product from all the distributors but, at the same time, decided that they don't actually want to be in the business of selling it. So, now, nobody is. They've essentially outlawed bitters. It remains to be seen whether or not I can legally purchase bitters from out of state sources to use at my bars. However, I can't imagine that's gonna fly.